religious harmony in malaysia is very superficial

… and many of our politicians (esp. umnoputra!) are hypocrites when talking about religious harmony/tolerance.

by now many of you will have known about the ‘paranoid aides’ of the PM ordering that no crosses, hymns, prayers to be seen/heard during the PM’s visit to the christmas tea party organised by the christian federation of malaysia (CFM).

many comments had been passed here and there, many especially attacking the catholic archbishop murphy pakiam. it’s not really fair to attack him when people don’t know the full picture yet. first of all, many didn’t know it was a party organised by CFM as they thought it was organised by the catholic church.  secondly the tea party was not held in a church (inside or outside!) but held at the archbishop’s residence and at the open-air car park.  are there crosses at the car park to begin with? people didn’t know what and yet they attacked the archbishop that why he took down the cross/crosses (comply with najib’s aides). if it’s inside his house, maybe yes there are crosses but in the car park? secondly, the party is organised by the CFM please, CFM, not the archbishop so why attacked him? (and he’s not even the CFM head!).

i’m not siding the archbishop because i’m a catholic too but i just want people to look at the whole true picture first or look at the facts first before criticising him. hey if there are really crosses in the car park and he did really order the crosses to be taken down and no hymns/prayers to be said, i will also criticised him for sure but we don’t know that for sure yet. he has spoken up yet too.

ok that’s about the church, not about the PM. it was said he had no knowledge of the directive issued by his aides. hmm… again, like we are not sure what happened at the party and should not blame the archbishop… here we are not sure too whether really he did not know what his aides did. maybe he did. maybe he knew his aides might do this but he kept quiet.

anyway i have a feeling that najib was there for a while only. he dropped in, chit chat, eat, gave his speech, then left. and i believe that also happened at other faith open house/gathering that he attended.  if he dropped in just to chit chat, eat, gave speech… and did not witnessed (ok i wont’ say join in) any of the religious activities, then what nonsense is all these talk of religious harmony and religious tolerance? he was there only to show his face that he had attended the chrsitians/hindu/buddhists gathering.  for his political image.

then just yesterday, suddenly this chinese convert who is trying to be very muslim, who aptly earned the nickname of najib’s ass licker… yes, was licking najib’s ass again when he defended najib’s aides in asking for crufixes to be removed.  ridhuan tee. what this T guy had said totally left me spell-bound!! everything he uttered out were so ridiculous!! i thought of picking up his points (what he said) and responding to them but i feel i don’t want to stress myself out and waste my time on such a silly no brainer person.  i have only one thing to say – this T fella is talking all about being sensitive and showing respect to muslim but what about the other way round?? gosh! and they say there is religious harmony/tolerance in malaysia! it should be a two-way traffic, this respect and sensitivity thingy but……. *sigh*.  go an read for yourself (if you haven’t yet. i’m sure most already have) and be prepared to puke! UGH!!!

to make yourself feel better after a dose of the T guy’s nauseousness , read mariam mokhtar’s article in the malaysian chronicles.

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