what happened to the ‘katak’ roadshow?

now with the PKR elections going on, it suddenly reminds me of the 5 katak (frogs) who jumped out of PKR to become independents.

they are  zahrain hashim (bayan baru),  zulkifli noordin (kulim – bandar b aharu), tan tee beng (nibong tebal), wee choo keong (wangsa maju) and mohsin fadzli  (bagan serai).

anyone remember that somewhere in july this year, after forming an independent consensus, they announced that they are going on a roadshow beginning from 1 aug, apparently to “to show their impartiality. to deny any allegiance or link to umno”.   i had blog about it.

well, it’s now 14 sept – 44 days later, where were they? did they went on a roadshow? if yes, why we no heard of it? maybe their roadshow did not attract people, maybe no reporters think it is any worth to report about their roadshow. maybe they did not have the roadshow at all!!

whatever happened i wonder.  not forgetting that all 5 of them had remained silent too for such a long time. all the better!

(note: pic taken from here)

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