thank you, people of sibu

as at about 11.00pm, the official announcement is that DAP won by 398 majority.



whooa!! i’m so happy that DAP won in the sibu by-election. at last the people had ‘spoken up’. the people had rejected BN!! i see change forth-coming (hopefully). i hope that next year when sarawak has its state election, PR will win big!!! come on, people of sarawak, reject BN, vote PR!!

i was following the election result live at my fellow CJ’s site, sarawak book. at first it was mentioned DAP won by majority of over 2000. i wonder how come suddenly it reduced to so little.  it was interesting to note the twits here and there how EC delay making the official announcement.  it’s always like this. when the opposition win, the announcement will be delayed. what does this shows? EC is not impartial!  lim kit siang also twit that najib did not want to admit defeat so the delay in the announcement and they also want recount and all that.  well, najib had been such a nice santa claus to ‘help’ the people of sibu, even to the last minute (on saturday night) when huge allocation was made to 3 churches, that he expected to win, i guess. but the people of sibu were smart. they had seen the evil and corrupt ways of BN.

funny… the postal votes of over 2000 votes, DAP only won 70. er.. not funny actually but as expected. postal votes is always open for manipulation and cheat… and you know lah…..

anyway, i hope that this win in sibu will pave the way for PR to work harder to gain the people’s trust, so that come GE 13, PR will really able to take putrajaya!!

here are the results taken from malaysiakini:

Votes cast – 37,919 votes
Turnout – 70%
Spoilt votes – 395 votes
Majority – 398 votes
Postal votes – 2,429 votes

DAP – 18,845
BN – 18,447
Ind -232
Majority – 398

The final result of the postal ballots:
DAP – 70
BN – 2,323
Ind – 36
Rejected postal votes – 208

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