volunteers to observe the election in hulu selangor


despite the election commission (EC) dropping mafrel from the coming hulu selangor by-election, mafrel will still press on to observe the by-election.

chairman of mafrel, syed ibrahim said mafrel volunteers will observe the election outside the polling stations.

well, there’s not much difference now with EC dropping mafrel or EC allowing mafrel to observe. why? because i remember during the GE13 in march, even though EC recognised mafrel and allowed mafrel to observe, while as many as 70 volunteers had signed up,  only about 15 were given the permit to observe inside the polling stations.

in fact i was one of those who was not picked by EC, so i hanged around outside the polling station but during the counting of votes, i asked if i can enter to observe, and thank god, the officer in charge at the particular polling station, agreed to let me in. so this depends much on the officer in charge of a particular polling station. some are very good and kind… seeing we were from mafrel, agree to let us observe, while some were quite rude, didn’t want us to observe.

well now since EC had decided not to let mafrel be the election watchdog, for sure none would be allowed to enter the polling stations even if the officer in charge wanted to. never mind, being outside the polling station is good enough too. lots of things to observe. there’s also the observation during nomination day.

oh btw, EC claim that mafrel did not send in any reports for the earlier by-elections was a lie!! according to syed ibrahim, mafrel did sent them the reports of the bukit selambau, bukit gantang and batang ali by-elections.  you should visit mafrel’s northern region blog for other interesting information like what’s so great about accreditation.

so my dear friends, especially those staying in selangor, do volunteer as mafrel observers for the hulu selangor by-election, ok? here is the message from mafrel’s blog, not the one i started/maintained – oh i used the handle ‘lulai’ there (and some other wordpress.com blogs). this is  presumably started by the KL mafrel members. long time ago, during the permatang pauh by-election, i had already started a mafrel blog – this was under the northern region mafrel blog.


message from mymafrel blog:

Please register yourselves to be MAFREL Observers for this Hulu Selangor by election.

You can do so by indication your interest and sending emails to Mr Arphan our Hon Secretary.
Those who have never been MAFREL observers may also register to be observers.
Once selected a special Observers Training Course shall be conducted for them.

MAFREL Webmaster: wmmafrel@gmail.com

Contact persons:
Deputy Chairman : Colonel (R) Shaharudin Othman
– 019 2344 366

Honorary Secretary : Arphan Ahmad
– 012 273 1016

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