freedom film fest 2008 in penang

ahhh…. should have blog about this yesterday. the filming already started yesterday at 11.00am. anyway you still have chance to catch the movies today and tomorrow.

what is the freedom film fest? basically, the freedom film fest (organised by KOMAS) is the first film event of its kind in malaysia. FFF adopts the themes encompassed in the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) which express our aspirations for genuine justice, peace, equality and democracy. go to the link and read about it. as for the schedule of the film screening, you can see it here.

i went last night to watch the award winning film ‘PRU 12’. PRU stands for ‘pilihanraya umun’ thus the film is about the 12th general election. i went with 3 of my colleagues and we arrived during the opening ceremony. managed to catch a group of 3 men singing. then jeff ooi, blogger and MP for jelutong gave a speech, followed by speech by aliran president, ramakrishnan.

we had to leave immediately PRU 12 ended as we had to get to dewan sri pinang for the anti-ISA candlelight vigil. there is another film after PRU 12. well, today i might not be able to attend but i can attend on sunday afternoon/evening.

remember for those of you who cares about human rights, peace, justice, democracy, do take time to attend some of the screenings. it’s free after all and held in a spacious venue.

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