why wants to study at UiTM?

read haris ibrahim’s post ‘the land that my forefather helped build‘ regarding the protest by the UiTM students. this is another issue that made me angry. :mad

1.  why are the U students so insecure?? so afraid of a mere 10% non malays entering UiTM? wah… it looks like they are admitting they scared of non malays in the U who can catch up with them! shame!

2. as malaysiakini’s vox populi suggested, when it was PKR who suggested, they made so much noises, but when it was umno, nothing!

3.  also as the same voz populi, someone said the U is funded by tax payers, which in case the suppose to be intelligent UiTM students do not know, means the rakyat of all races.

4. this letter from malaysiakini is also a good read, saying that there is no such thing as a U opening for one single race only.

5. lastly just heard on news that there were fresh protest/street demonstration in perak and melak by the UiTM students, oh no, not again!! where are the police? where are the water canon and tear gas? how come they were allowed to protest?

last lastly…. i advise non malays better don’t go study in UiTM!! there are other better U around. leave UiTM to them, the protesting insecure malays and let’s see what happens to the U.

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