earthquake = damaged cables = crawling web

= a frustrated me!!!  🙁
this is already old news by today as many bloggers had already blog on it, including our taikor blogger, jeff ooi.  if you go to malaysia’s popular blog portal, project petaling street (PPS), you’ll see for yourselves many bloggers talking about it. (latest post here).
you can also read the announcement from and jaring regarding this matter.

well, for sure i am not the only one frustrated. thousands of net addicts around the world are!! especially bloggers! today’s star paper describe bloggers as being ‘feeling deprived‘.  apparently others are more frustrated and deprived than me. haha.

my blog is hosted by blogasian, which is based in the US, thus i have difficulty accessing my blog. sometimes can, sometimes cannot, most of the time have to wait and wait and wait and wait…..

aiyaa… these days with the holidays coming up (new year and all that), there are so many things to do on the net – so much to blog, so many blogs to read and so on, and this has to happen. just our luck.

i hope this internet slowdown will be over fast but according to the bangkok post (as posted in SCUM), the slowdown will last for three weeks! three weeks! goodness gracious me! that long! what? gonna exercise patience for these three weeks i see.

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