biggest ceramah (so far) of opposition

yeah, this gotta be one of the biggest ceramah DAP and PKR organised. the big guns were there! – anwar ibrahim, lim guan eng, karpal singh. oh, blogger jeff ooi was there too.

the ceramah was held on saturday, 1 of march, at the han chiang school indoor stadium and it was damn crowded! very full house inside the stadium and outside all round the stadium people were standing around (or finding some seats) too. anil netto, who were present and had blog on it, estimate the crowd to be close to 10,000 people! phew!

i was there as MAFREL’s election observer, with a few others observers as well. we were all wearing our MAFREL’s vest  which has the words ‘MAFREL pemerhati pilihanraya’ on it. next time at ceramah/polling day, you can easily spot me (and my team members) with this beige coloured vest.

ok coming back to this big ceramah, chow kon yew, who is contesting the tanjung parliamentary seat, was the first to speak, followed by lim guan eng. guan eng’s speech was well received which received cheers now and then. the loudest (and most) cheer however were for anwar! wow! when he entered, the stadium, he was surrounded by so many of his supporters carrying the PKR flags. he even had bodyguards around him. they seemed quite rough though, pushing everybody who were in their way as though anwar is agong! (well he is one to them!). notice the picture here? you can see 2 of his bodyguard and the one on the right looks fierce eh? he was the one who glared at people who were in anwar’s way!

anwar spoke only 20 mins or so and left immediately after he spoke as he had to go to speak at two other places. next to speak was karpal singh, followed by a PKR candidate (didn’t catch his name), DAP’s lim chee tong (contesting in bkit bendera, i think, against BN chia kwang chye).

blogger taikoh jeff ooi then took over. he gave a very good speech. he spoke very well in perfect english and was very articulate. some of my MAFREL team members thought he was the best DAP speaker.

oh yeah most of the DAP speakers spoke in english and mandarin, alternating. some even throw in penang hokkien at times.

this is just a brief report as later (when i’m free) i might prepare a longer detailed report under MAFREL. as MAFREL election observers, we are encouraged to attend as many ceramah as we could as part of our observation mission. this was the first ceramah i attended under MAFREL. i hope to attend others if i’m not too tired.

UPDATED: read the report from malaysiakini.

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