boring BN ceramah (with ‘big guns’!)

UPDATED: see report from the star and malaysiakini

last night attended the BN ceramah at rifle range flats car park which see the attendance of badawi and his wife, and all the big guns of MCA and gerakan (koh tsu koon, ong ka ting, lim keng yaik, teng hock nan, and many more).

in the beginning there were about 6000 people… but they came to watch the show! yep, there was show before the speeches. at 8.00pm, there was a combined cultural show, then individual malay, chinese, indian dance and the beijing acrobatic acts, followed by 3 singers.

the first speaker was lim keng yaik. all the speakers (except badawi) seemed to attack anwar so much! what was it with anwar that they fear? of course in their speech they said they don’t fear him but why talked and attacked him so much?

when the show ended and the speeches began there were about 5000 people left. by the time badawi spoke, the crowd had dwindled to about 3000 only. he spoke on a lot of things but i would like to highlight only one part – the decision not to use the indelible ink. yep, he mentioned that issue and of course gave the reason of what the police had discovered – a plan to sabotage the election when they found out some persons/organisation had plan to bought the ink to create chaos. he stressed that the withdrawing of the use of the indelible ink has nothing to do with them fearing they will lose in the election. after discovering the so called sabotage plan, he wanted the police and the EC to made a quick decision as it is near to polling day, so he leave it to EC and i was EC who decided not to go ahead with the use of indelible ink. he also mentioned phantom voters and stressed firmly, "no, we do not cheat. BN do not cheat".

BN ceramah is totally different from the opposition ceramah i see. the opposition ceramah that i attended, the speakers were very fiery and most of them received cheer now and then when a speaker was speaking. this BN ceramah, no cheer at all (er… only 3 or 4 times all throughout, unlike opposition it was all the time – so 100 or more times!). also the MC need to go "tepuk lah!" each time a speaker finish or introduce something. very funny. i thought clapping is up to the crowd but this crowd need to be urge to clap! on the whole, it was pretty boring ceramah.

ok maybe more about the ceramah later. it’s late now. gotta get some sleep. i returned home from the ceramah last night after midnight! today am going for the DAP biggie ceramah again and i guess will return home late again.

p/s – sorry no time to reply to comments as busy with ceramah this week!

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