my election observation mission

yes, during the election i had been working hard as MAFREL (malaysian for free and fair election) election observer. i had attended 3 ceramah for observation. many of the others observers too had been attending the ceramah of course. there were about 40 of us observers in penang island. i wonder did any of you who attended the ceramah notice us? you can recognise us by the beige colour vest we wore. (see picture above).

on polling day, we were out in full force, most of us, moving from one polling centre to another. for me, i stay put at one centre – the convent light street school. (picture here taken at convent light street). i managed to get into a polling stream to observe the counting! (see picture below).

though tiring and taking up lots of my time, it had been fun working as an election observer. thanks to MAFREL!

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