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UPDATED:  the result of the press conference, as reported by malaysiakini – ‘PKR may challenge khairy’s rembau win’. – scroll down to read.

early sunday morn, when i was watching the election result on TV, on hearing that samy velu lost, i shouted and cheered ‘yeh! yeh!’. so happy. however my happiness was short-lived when few minutes later i heard that the arrogant son-in-law, khariy jamuluddin, had won his rembau seat. in fact, i was praying more for khairy to lose than for samy to lose! i shudder to think of the havoc he would create in parliament… but on the other hand, i take consolation that we will have intellectual bloggers like jeff ooi and tony pua in parliament too to counter-attack the son-in-law, if needed.

khairy was contesting against PKR’s badrul hisham bin shaharin, otherwise more fondly known as chegubard (you can see his picture here – on the right ok, not the ugly one on the left. picture taken from zorro’s blog). i understand that at the first count, chegubard won but after the 2nd recount, son-in-law won by 5746 majority.

now, it seems that chegubard is calling for a press conference today to expose how khairy can win. all of you who hate the arrogant son-in-law’s guts, please be there to listen to chegubard, then spread the word around! the details.

date:  11 march
time:  11.30am
place:  selangor chinese assembly hall

a sneak preview… what i received from the bangsamalaysia group:

From: VASAN@Mattel.comDate: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:53:03 +0800Subject: [malaysiafm] FW: Siapa Dia Khairy Ni?

Semalam ramai yang sudah tahu bagaimana Pak Lah menggunakan kuasanya untuk menyelamatkan maruah diri dan menantu. Pak Lah yang pada mulanyahanya menang 1000 undi manakala menantunya yang telah kalah dengan 800 undi menggunakan kuasanya memaksa SPR menghantar sebanyak mungkin undipos di kerusi parlimen Kepala Batas dan Rembau. Anti-Khairy blogspot.com akan bongkarkan setiap kroni menantu Pak Lah

translation (my attempt):

last night many knew how pak lah used his power to redeem himself and his son-in-law.  pak lah, whom, in the beginning won by 1000 votes, while his son-in-law lost by 800 votes, used his authority to force SPR to send as many as possible, postal votes to the kepala batas and rembau parliamentary seats. the antikhairy blog will expose each crony of the son-in-law.

here the allegation was that khairy cheated to win by using postal votes. of course we won’t know for sure if this is true or not, but knowing the son-in-law, it might be true. i just hope that chegubard has the proof to prove that khairy cheated.


remember my post on phantom voters from rembau? clearly we see there from the IC nos. (5 of them) they were phantom voters. i managed to get 5 only but i’m sure there are lots others. see? another possibility of cheat from that arrogant samseng fella!


UPDATED:  the result of the press conference, as reported by malaysiakini – ‘PKR may challenge khairy’s rembau win’.

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Mar 11, 08 2:54pm

On Saturday night, the initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes.
A recount however saw a complete reversal – Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes.

For opposition party PKR, this stark gap came in as a shock and consequentially became a solid basis for suspicion.

Rembau’s PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin is today considering a legal challenge against the result.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur today, Badrul (photo) said he was far from satisfied with the final outcome.

In the final results, Khairy bagged 26,525 votes against Badrul’s 20,779, with a majority of 5,746.

In the 2004 elections, BN had retained its Rembau stronghold with a whopping 18,656 majority.

Had Badrul won the seat, it would have been considered one of the major upsets in Saturday’s elections. 

“There were (also) irregularities in the vote counting procedure. The Election Commission (EC) did not issue the ‘Form 14′ to us when it was compulsory to do so,” said Badrul, a former teacher and member of PKR supreme council.

Elaborating, Badrul said that Form 14 was an extremely important procedure as the document was one of the many measures that was in place to prevent vote-rigging.

Form 14 contains the number of total voters for a particular polling station and once the vote counting has been finalised, the form will be the official indicator of the number of votes designated for each candidate.

If the form was not issued, the results could not be considered as an official one but most importantly, it gave way for manipulation as the number of votes may be added in favour of a particular candidate.

It is compulsory for the form to be issued from each polling stations to each of the candidates’ polling agents stationed there.

BN’s acts of hooliganism

“We will talk to our lawyers and will consider issuing a petition to challenge the results and call for a re-election,” said Badrul.

One of Badrul supporters then added that the matter of Form 14 not being issued itself was enough to nullify the Rembau election results and they will definitely be looking into the possibility of doing so.

Besides allegations of electoral fraud, Badrul also took a shot at Khairy and BN by claiming that the constituency’s campaigning period was marred with BN hooliganism.

“There were various instances where our posters, banners and supporters were harassed by Khairy’s supporters,” he said, adding that there were more than 20 police reports lodged by him and his supporters as a result of alleged BN aggression.

He also alleged that Khairy’s campaigning cost had exceeded the quota allowed by the EC and also accused the latter of using government machineries like schools to campaign.

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