robbers and karaoke singers

remember the port klang assemblyman and councillor who build a mansion without permission? all 37 charges against him had been dropped!! yep, you heard me right. dropped!! just like that! god help us!!

i first knew of it through jeff ooi’s blog, then later on at aisehman’s. (2 of my top 10 favourite blogs).

Mozni Sham Ahmad and Joseph R. Samuel who appeared for Zakaria, his partners and the two companies said the charges were withdrawn because the “outstanding problems had been settled”.

huh? though the problems had been settled, the fact that he broke the law is still there, so why dropped the charges? oh, silly me… because he is a datuk, because he is a UMNOputera!! there is a different set of laws for UMNOputera, remember.

yes, along with zakaria, lots of other UMNOputera from port klang were also ‘untouchable’  aisehman has some pretty good revealation regarding the port klang bial-out (er… soft loan, sorry oh gomen).

i like this part from aisehman:

People rob our country and what do we do? We give them more money.

And worst, after that, we let them go, just like that.

btw, do you know that the one who recently gave us the label ‘goblok’ recently, now say that we are karaoke singers. cool!

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