another blogger arrested for speaking up!

yep, another blogger arrested again! it’s the sedition act again! oh boy, our police/gomen do love to use the sedition act on bloggers eh?

who was it this time? first came across the news at malaysiakini, then read about it at many blogs. it’s kickdefella, real name syed azidi syed aziz, or more known as sheih (picture). apparently he was held for investigation into ‘instigating others to fly the flag upside down’.

when he first made the call to fly the flag upside down to show that the country is in distress, there were many who support him but there were also many who did not support him… and i was in the latter group. i disagree with his idea of flying the flag upside down but of course he is entilted to his opinion, and though i disagree, i kind of salute him for coming out with the idea (heh. sounds confusing eh), which means to say i definetely disagree with the labels the PM hurled at him – despicable and evil. come on lah, mr PM, you call this despicable and evil when there are many other stuffs that are so despicable and evil (eg corruption, umno’s racial politics!!).

how in the world can urging people to fly the flag upside down be seditious? what about what that arrogant ahmad ismail had been saying? and recently khir toyol? oops. silly me, i forgot. they are umnoputera, there’s another law for them (or the police can’t touch them?).

i hope sheih will be released soon, and i hope no more bloggers will be arrested. however what i hope most is that TERESA KOK AND RPK WILL BE FREE SOON!!

ok folks, let’s all sing…. suara rakyat! let us all make noises for our voices to be heard!

fight for the truth! oppose evil! do away with oppression! hold firm justice! (these are the 4th verse of the song).

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