4 warnings in a week

whoa!! have you noticed in one week, 4 warnings (maybe there are more that i not aware of) from our dear ministers (and one son in law – well ALL umnoputra).

24 july – nazri, minister in the PM dept.
govt warns of tough action against bloggers who disparage

27 july – muhyiddin yassin, UMNO vice president
bloggers warned of price to be pay

28 july – khairy, UMNO youth deputy
bloggers who slander must be brought to court – KJ, UMNO deputy

29 july – badawi, the prime minister!
watch your blog, warns PM

wel, well, as malaysiakini summed up, it’s a fresh round of government attack on bloggers
AFP news too highlighted about it.

and of course we have many bloggers talking about it to.(maybe will highlight some later)

i would like to highlight on what the SIL, KJ boy said.

"There are no laws in the cyberworld except for the law of the jungle. As such, action must be taken so that the "monkeys" behave,"

law of the jungle in cyberworld?

uh oh… so now we bloggers are monkeys!

well, i’d rather be a monkey than a UMNOputra!!

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