GOBLOK?? whachamalis???

from bob’s comments here, i find out ‘goblok’ means ‘bodoh’ (stupid) in indonesia (slang). well bernama news yesterday did not mentioned it. today’s star did mentioned it. (i mean mentioned that it is an indonesian slang for ‘bodoh’).

notice that at wikepedia’s definition, the last part it state something like this word is usually uttered by someone who can’t control his emotion. haha! that is certainly the zam zam guy!

well, so my original post 2nd line instead of  "… had coined a new word to describe socio political bloggers.", i would have to put it this way then "…had used a new word to describe socio poliitcal bloggers." (and remember the son-in-law use the common word ‘monkey’. *sigh* what else coming, i wonder.


goblok? what-is-this? (whacamalis, see).

latest news, have you heard, our dear minister of misinformation, the zam zam guy had coined a new word to describe socio-political bloggers  – GOBLOK!!!

not only that sounds funny but his theory on us bloggers sound funny too – that we are tools of foreign nations and we have evil intentions.

oh it’s so funny that i better reproduce the whole news here. (highlights are from me…. where i go LOL.)


People Must Wise Up To Goblok Websites, Says Zam

MELAKA, July 29 (Bernama) — The people must wise up to "goblok" (political bloggers) because some of them were willing to become tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

He said these bloggers belonged to groups with limited knowledge and had evil intentions.

"They support foreign elements bent on destroying our beloved country," he told reporters after launching the 2007 Jalur Gemilang (National Flag) Convoy in front of the Merdeka (Independence) Declaration Memorial in Bandar Hilir here today.

Zainuddin said they (bloggers) were not Asian in thinking but were trying to ape the West because that was where they got the education and thought anything western was the best for everyone.

"Since the beginning (independence) until now, we have had such dangerous people who have no qualms about becoming the tools of foreign nations to damage our country, including the economy and national unity," he said.

He said they also tried to influence the mainstream media to publish their writings, which border on rumours and slander so that they can split the people.

The people should ignore such blogs because their writers were only trying to seek glory, he said, adding that, however, the government did not discourage people from having personal blogs which touch on knowledge, relationships, the family institution and friendship.

The issue of political bloggers has become a subject of intense debate following Malaysia-Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin being called by the police on Wednesday for alleged seditious comments posted on it.

Earlier, when speaking at the function, Zainuddin said that the convoy, consisting of 50 four-wheel-drive vehicles that will traverse the country, was important to fire up the people’s spirit in celebrating 50 years of nationhood.

Thirty of the vehicles are from the ministry and the rest from various government departments and agencies as well as non-governmental organizations. The convoy will return to Melaka on Aug 16.

In conjunction with today’s event, a Merdeka Run was also held which was participated by about 2,500 people including from schools and Smart Community clubs in Melaka.

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