line and mouse died on me

damn! i had wanted to blog last night… er… early morn today, but lots of things happened.

yes i was back yesterday morning. very tired after the long bus journey so went to take a nap in the afternoon. then in the evening i was busy ‘playing’ with my new handphone (more about that later in my singapore trip report)… until near 2.00am when i decided to blog. i did write something about the rayappan’s case where MAIS decided to drop its claim for rayappan’s body. then when i click on ‘publish’… whoops!! the line get disconnected and all that i had written disappeared!

yes this intermittent line disconnection still happens every day. so fed up! i know, dear wits0 here had sent me some instructions how to troubleshoot my modem (as it could be my modem at fault, not streamyx) but i haven’t gone to doing it yet. er… i might have lost the mail you sent me on this matter, wits0.

then all of a sudden the battery of my cordless optical mouse died. i have 4 extra batteries which i always keep charged so that i can use each time this set of battery in the mouse died. the problem was that since i was away from home for 5 days, the batteries were not charged, and thus i have no batteries to use with my mouse. i try using keyboard but only for certain functions i can manage, some others i can’t.

so looking at all these problems, i was really fed up and decided to go to bed and not blog anymore.

gee, i notice that i missed a lot of interesting happenings while i was away in singapore.

there’s this rayappan’s issue to blog on…

…then the dress code from kelantan’s council…

…the thought of registering bloggers from our deputy science and technology minister…

…and of course the assurance from kerismuddin “fear not the keris” and lo and behold everything’s ok as MCA accept his explanation.

oh well, never mind. bolehland will be filled with interesting exciting news and issues every now and then i’m sure, so lots to blog on.

i will try to blog on my singapore trip report tonight. i had actually written down my report on my PDA everyday while i was in singapore. i only need to synchronise the word in PDA with my computer’s word.

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