slowing down on blogging

yes, as evident from my blog, you'll notice i don't blog as often as i did, as i like to. these days i have to slow down on blogging as i have other stuff to do. writing stuff, first of all. i'm doing a lot of writing for herald, UCAN (stringer) komunitikini (citizen journalists). then last month i got into an online money making business – OREB reloaded. this business will take a lot of my time (to really get down into it). so far i haven't really get into it yet, so if i really do want to start getting down into it, then i won't have much time to blog.  another reason (apart from these two of writing and OREB) is my blog here is still 'sick'!! i can't get back to use my old theme, which has a nice design,  which i have so many links and oh… google adsense. this really discourage me as now my blog is so plain looking (it was not that before!). maybe now i'll blog only once a week… or my blog will be simple blogging of CnP job with little comments. oh ya while i'm not active here blogging but i am active on facebook! so if you have facebook, add me and you'll see me 'blogging' there. haha. sort of. apart from posting up personal stuffs, i also posted up a lot of current news and issues, to comment or for people to comment, and OTOH, i also comment on other's posts. everyday i'm at facebook! 

ok i have no choice but to slow down but for sure i'll never stop blogging. hey, i had been blogging for near ten years, you know! can't stop then! even if my blog is not popular, nobody comes in, i will still continue blogging.

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