first the sedition act, now the PPPA – wherein is our freedom?

first we heard from the home minsiter, kerismuddin, that they are going to introduce  sedition guidelines for online media, including blogs.  then suddenly yesterday we heard from the home ministry secretary general that they plan to amend the printing presses and publications act 1984 (PPPA)to cover online news… which includes blogs, youtube  and facebook.

ya allah! seditious act and PPPA for online media/content? is the government running scared? too much truth had been revealed online that the government now want to curtail what had been revealed? surely this is a matter of trying to suppress our ‘freedom of speech’ on the internet.  so we cannot be independent now while on our own blogs or facebook? where is the centre for independent journalism? why they didn’t speak up?

this is really very disturbing. sedition act and PPPA act. i thought there is already this act… er… what is it ca…  something multimedia act… controlling online content already, so why need to introduce these two acts, which many people had been calling for them (the acts) to be amended.

malaysian government is turning into a dictator! going to control everything we do! but that’s not the worst part. do you know what’s the worst part? hint… 2malaysia… double standard. yep! the worst part is that these laws will be selective applied.  anything you said about the PR, no hesitation, guilty! but anything you said of umno, no worry, they laws won’t apply on you.  online media like malaysiakini and malaysia chronicle will be a target whereas utusan malaysia will not be touched by these laws!!

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