what merdeka? what to celebrate?

nothing! when we came across so much double standards and hypocrisy from the government! i don’t want to talk more but  i’ll post some articles from malaysiakini that says it all. i will highlight some parts that i need to stress and also comment on some parts (in italic).

today,  i’ll be working anyway – not in my office but at a big church gathering where i’ll be with the secretariat. lots of work to do at secretariat. prior to that, already did a lot of ground-work e.g getting ready the documents, participants list, folders and so on.

ok, do click on ‘read more’ to read the articles from malaysiakini. sorry yah, malaysiakini for the CnP again but i feel that i need to share them to more people.

Namewee faces sedition charge over video clip

Aug 30, 10 3:40pm

A rapper is being investigated for sedition, police said Monday, after posting a YouTube video which drew allegations he was stirring up ethnic tensions in the multicultural nation.

how on earth did namewee’s video stir up ethnic tension, for the life of me, i can’t understand. i was fortunate enough to catch his video (on his youtube) and i don’t see anything racist about it at all. crude and vulgar yes, but no hint of stirring up racial sentiments at all.

Wee Meng Chee, 27, better known as Namewee to his fans, made national headlines three years ago over another YouTube clip mocking the national anthem which authorities also said was seditious.

He apologised for that incident, but is in fresh trouble for posting a three-minute rap titled “Nah” criticising a Muslim Malay headmistress accused of making racial slurs against her ethnic Chinese and Indian students.

exactly! he was just criticising the racist headmistress action. it was the headmistress who stirred up racial sentiments.

“We are investigating him under the Sedition Act,” Bakri Zinin, the Federal Criminal Investigation chief, told AFP, adding that Wee will soon be called to give a statement.

wah! so fast police move into action.

Wee (left) faces up to three years in prison if he is charged and convicted.

The rapper removed the video from YouTube on Sunday, after prompting criticism from various parties including Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who reportedly urged action against those who try to stoke racial tensions.

then what about utusan malaysia? what about ibrahim ali? it was so obvious they are stoking racial tensions. yet you close an eye. blatant double standard!

“We don’t care whether he has removed the video or not, the harm has already been done, we will continue with the investigation,” said Bakri.

what harm? in what way? then why don’t you say, you don’t care that the johor principal had already apologised as the harm was already done? double standard!

In the video, which is still available on other websites, Wee used obscene language and rapped in a mixture of English and the national language Malay.

The headmistress allegedly told ethnic Chinese students to return to China and compared Hindu prayer strings to dog leashes.

Four police reports

The government has ordered a probe into the case which caused anger among Malaysia’s minorities who complain that their rights are being eroded as the country becomes increasingly “Islamised”.

“I am a Malaysian who grew up harmoniously with friends from all walks of life and different races,” Wee said on his blog Sunday.

“My main objective for uploading the new video ‘Nah’ was to condemn such acts and to stand up against racism,” he said. The title is a slang word for “no”.

“I have also taken out the said video from my YouTube account since I have already highlighted my stand over the issue, which is to stop racism in this country,” added the rapper.

Wee has developed a cult following among young Malaysians after his controversial six-minute rap video in 2007 (right) that mocked the national anthem. He is reportedly preparing to launch an album next month.

Meanwhile, according to Bernama, police confirmed having received four reports pertaining to the controversial video clip produced by the Muar-born youth.

Johor police chief DCP Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the first report was lodged at Kulaijaya police headquarters on Saturday, while three others were lodged at Johor Jaya, Pasir Gudang and Masai yesterday.

“We will investigate the case under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948 which carries a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or a maximum jail term of three years, or both, upon conviction,” he told reporters in Johor Bahru today.

He also reminded the public not to politicise the issue and just let the police carry out the investigation.

DPM: Stern action must be taken

From Putrajaya, Bernama reports that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that stern action should be taken by the authorities against any act that can provoke racial sentiments in the country to prevent a tragedy.

He said this when commenting on the latest video clip that touched on racial issues by Namewee.

“We don’t want the people to feel insecure, and create imbalance within the society just because no action had been taken against such provocation,’ said Muhyiddin (right).

“If possible, no one, regardless of who they are or which party they belong to, should commit such acts that touch on sensitive matters that evoke racial sentiments and cause serious damage to the country,” he told reporters.

“The authorities have been directed to take serious action in such matters, including acts that insulted the flag or those that can cause public fear,” he said.

When asked on the action to be taken against Namewee, he said there would be no compromise on matters relating to national harmony and peace.

gosh, the DPM takes the cake in being a hypocrite and practising double standard. on the racist johor principal matter, he had said something like we do not know what exactly happened, she may not say what she said or said it in a different manner AND then he ordered a task force to investigate… but look at namee’s case (i bet he hasn’t even view the video yet)… at once he made up his mind it is provoking racial sentiments and want action against him. oh boy! i’m lost for words.


Teo: Nik Aziz encourages me to visit more surau

Aug 30, 10 3:20pm

Shrugging off attacks by Umno and Selangor religious authorities over her visit to a surau last week, Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching said she is emboldened to visit even more Muslim houses of worship after being encouraged to do so by PAS’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

According to a Harakahdaily report, Teo said her 20-minute meeting with the top spiritual leader of the Islamist party today bore fruit in the form of his assurance that there was nothing wrong with non-Muslims visiting and entering suraus and mosques.

“Tok Guru (Nik Aziz) clarified to me that from the viewpoint of Islam, it is not an issue for a non-Muslim to enter a surau or mosque.

“He said that in fact, during the time of Muhammad, non-Muslims entered the mosque (of Medina) to meet with the Prophet,” she said about the meeting with Nik Aziz in Kuala Lumpur following the filing of the Kelantan government’s suitagainst Petronas.

The first-term MP drew a firestorm of criticism from Umno politicians, pro-Umno blogs and Malay dailies over her visit to the Al Huda surau in Serdang on Aug 22.

Her critics claimed that she had committed a grave insult to Muslims for speaking in the prayer hall, which is considered off-limits to non-Muslims.

The Selangor Religious Council said it will issue Teo a written reprimand, while Teo said she plans to write to the Selangor Sultan to apologise and explain her action.

After speaking to Nik Aziz today, however, Teo said she was told it was Umno – not Islam – that was being overly-restrictive on the issue of non-Muslims entering mosques.

According to her, Nik Aziz said Umno had become so desperate and narrow-minded that the party had given the wrong understanding of Islam to non-Muslims.

so true. many ordinary malays themselves were ashamed of that umno did – umno gave a bad name to islam!

“He also told me that in Malaysia, Umno uses Islam to scare non-Muslims and has made Islam an exclusive religion, whereas Islam is for all human beings,” said Teo.

yes. because little bit, little bit concerning non malays and islam, they made so much noises. worst is i can’t stand them always saying non malays disrespecting islam/mosque. or not sensitive to malays. gee… go get a life, umnoputera!

Teo said she will continue visiting mosques and suraus when invited. The parliamentarian yesterdayvisited the Al-Muhajirin surau in Bukit Mahkota, where she handed RM500 to People Volunteer Corps (Rela) personnel. 

Unlike her visit last week, Teo wore a head scarf and a loose-fitting baju kurung to avoid a repeat of accusations that she was disrespecting Muslim norms in suraus and mosques.

“I will still carry out my duties as member of parliament when invited. Since the (Aug 22) incident was blown out of proportion, I have received support from the people,” said Teo.

When contacted, Teo said further that Nik Aziz expressed the hope that mosques can be more open to non-Muslims in order to bridge the gap between the races.

Asked about whether Nik Aziz had mentioned the matter of proper dressing, Teo said Nik Aziz assured her “as long as the dress is proper… it is enough.”

Asked whether the headscarf is compulsory for her to wear, Teo said: “Nik Aziz told me ‘it’s okay. But if you wear it, that would be better.”

In a related development, Selayang MP William Leong in a press statement today said his visit to the Masjid At-Taqwa in Selayang Baru scheduled for tomorrow morning has been cancelled.

Leong was earlier criticised for his allegedly resorting to the same “ploy” as Teo, bringing financial assistance, as a means of entering the place of worship to deliver a ceramah to the congregation.


Serdang MP finds ally in preacher from Penang

Susan Loone
Aug 30, 10

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching, who is embroiled in controversy for visiting a surau, has found an ally in Zakaria Ahmad of Penang.

The preacher from Tasek Gelugor was himself in the centre of a storm for reciting a prayer for the Penang chief minister instead of the Agong, during a recent Friday sermon.

He described himself and Teo as victims of Umno’s nasty spin on these matters.

Zakaria, who had to give a statement to the police and Penang religious affairs department over his alleged action, said Umno continues to politicise religious issues – and that this will eventually give Islam a bad name.

true, true. as i mentioned in the other article above. umno is giving a bad name to islam, making ordinary malays ashamed.

“Teo’s issue is not about religion but has been made into a political issue by Umno,” he toldMalaysiakini.

“They have made Islam (seem to be) very restrictive when in fact it is not really like that at all.”

see, just like what nik aziz said.

Teo, who had addressed a gathering inside the Al Huda surau in Kajang, has received awarning letter by the Selangor Islamic Council, which has suspended the surau committee for inviting her for the breaking-of-fast event.

Umno and Malay rights group Perkasa have condemned Teo’s actions, although PAS has claimed not to have a problem with it. 

Teo has justified herself, saying that she had not given any takzirah(religious advice) as claimed by Malay-language daily Utusan Malaysia on its front page.

On whether non-Muslims may visit or enter a surau or mosque, Zakaria said this should not pose any problem.

“They are welcome as long as they are dressed appropriately and, for the women, if they are not menstruating,” he said.

“As for Teo, she did not go to the surau for a religious matter. She was there on invitation to make contributions to the surau, which should not be a problem at all.”

‘Culture shock’

Jelutong mosque committee representative Khairil Annuar Kamaruddin said Umno is suffering from “culture shock” as it is not familiar with non-Muslims visiting places of workship.

Khairil Annuar said Umno is not willing to accept changes as it does not understand the concept of charity or sincere contributions made to Muslims by people of other faiths.

great one! i like this very much.

“What they are interested in is whether they can get projects. As for the surau and mosque committees, all they want to know is whether they can get contracts for renovation,” he said.

Khairil Annuar also said Umno is afraid that the time may come when a non-Muslim like Lim Guan Eng (left)will be able to rule the state according to the tenets of Islam, which the BN has not succeeded in doing.

“For example, when the chief minister says and does all the right things, such as banning sports betting, Umno is afraid that he is able to rule the state better than them,” he said.

“If he (Lim) can really do it, then it is like a slap on the face of Umno, as it has not been able to (achieve this).”

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