umno/supporters are asking for may 13…

NOTE:  words on the above banner is in malay, which reads "because of the mouth of DAP leaders, 13 may 1969 will occur… you want??

… highly seditious (like for one of many examples, when perkasa chief called for the burning of bibles) – but will there be action taken against them? don't hold your breath. never.

read about it in the malaysian insider. apparently these protesters are… to be crude… najib's ass-lickers. they are defending their PM. fine. defend your beloved PM… but problem is their ketuanan islam/melayu cry too (islam/muslim supremacy). oh ok fine… maybe?… but then they became racist by pointing out DAP as the party that is always against islam. surely that is not fine at all! however to the fed government and the authorities, surely they will not condemn them. the police will not detained them. or the fed gomen and authorities will come up with all sorts of excuses for them. of course, we are living in 2malaysia, see, the land of double standards.

not satisfied with the protest on 18 jan, the next day, on 19 jan, again they protested. sure, they are free to protest… but again, being racist? seditious? and this time violent too… when they started to attack two passerby! will there be action taken against them? no prize for the right answer.

funny, why they blamed DAP and in particular chinese DAP,  when this kangkung business, all races were into it. the kangkung business that went viral were all funny and in good humour or in good nature but when all of a sudden umno/umno supporters protested. it was not at all funny… they were flexing their muscles instead! and of course getting so racist and seditious.

real fed-up of all these umno supporters and some muslim NGOs. if you notice, most of them are mamak! (indian muslim). not original malays. only the mamak (well most of them anyway) always like to make noise. they thought they are trying to be more muslim than the born muslim but what they didn't know was that through their actions, they themselves are giving islam a bad name. what to do… it's their mentality – OK! (otak kering).

NOTE: for more pictures of 2malaysia at work, see the blog of geronomino.

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