endless stupidity!

on 20 jan. i had blog about inciting for may 13… and whaddaya know… they are at it again today. this time, apart from that, they did a very stupid thing – they offer RM1,200 reward to anyone who will go up to teresa kok and slap her.

can you believe that? you'd better! after all this is bolehland (anything can land!) and also the fact they are so called malay NGO and most probably umno supporters, who knows they can get away with it (authorities closing an eye). 

they slaughtered 4 chickens in public and smeared the chickens' blood on a banner. (see picture)

they said the chicken slaughter and blood smearing ritual was a hark back to the 'bloody' may 13, 1969 racial riot. see, they are bringing up the ghost of may 13 again!

they called themselves 'the council of islamic NGO'. huh? council, how did they managed to attach the name 'council' to it? simply picked it up? don't they know the meaning of council… one can't simply call one's group as council just like that! did all and i mean ALL muslim NGO (the extremist and the liberals) come together to appoint them as their council? such stupidity!

btw, it looks like nowadays we see so many muslim NGO sprouting up. just about anybody wants to be in an NGO. a group of trouble makers around… no problem, just call themselves '___ NGO'. 

okf after all what these so called council of islamic NGO did, until now, no umno ministers speak up (we know why, do we?). if it was a group of non mulsim NGO who did this or worst christian group who did it, quick as a ligthining speed, you'll hear the umno ministers speaking up and condemning the group, like what they did was seditious.

will these protesters be charged? will the police investigate what they did (like how they quick investigate teresa kok's video)??? oh no. they wonn't. why? double standard, what else! 2malaysia, what else! already now we see there's total silence from the police/umno regarding the earlier protesters who called for may 13

ok if you read the link (second) above, you'll realise that this time their protest was against DAP's MP, teresa kok's 'onderful' video on occasion of chinese new year.  you know, i wouldn't have watched teresa's 'onderful' video if not for the noises made by the rural and regional development minister, shafie. i saw the 'onderful' video long time ago and couldnt' bother to watch it but after reading about what shafie said about the video – that it made fun of the security forces and tragedy in lahad datu, i was curious so i watched it. i'm sure the same goes for many people… they wouldn't bother to watch it… until it become controversial, then everybody rushing to watch it.

the funny thing is shafie has not watch the video at all and yet he complained that the video mocked the incident in lahad datu. huh? also the funny thing is, he being a minister, doesn't he know that the video is just a satire/parody? huh? knock, knock, mr shafie, where's your brain? stupidity!

the video is just a satire, why everybody makes so much noise over it? haven't they heard of satire? if they feel teresa kok's video is insulting and threaten national security, then what about the other many satires done by others, especially by the effing show (which i enjoy watching very much)?  the effing show did a lot of short video mocking ministers and incidents that happened in our country… but nobody said anything. stupidity!

another thing that i find very stupid is the fact that those who made noise over the video are turning it into racial. they said the video is mocking the malays, mocking islam, mocking the malay leaders. hello? when were they born? such stupidity!

actually i have to say that teresa kok is well, a bit stupid too, to make such a video, knowing well that she being a chinese (christian too) and from DAP, will be an easy target for those bigots and extremist or just those who want to 'cari pasal' to pick on her at the slightest chance they have. although i agree the video is not very suitable during chinese new year but the video is just a satire that pokes fun at issues affecting malaysia, and nothing racial or religious about it at all. how come these people can see it as racial? how come these people can see it as insult to their race/religion? ya allah!!… especially when all these people who protest have not even watched the video at all! they have not watch the video at all and they protest based on what other people said about the video. what kind of mentality is that?

actually there had been a lot of stupid things that's been going on in this country, which i had wanted to blog about but can't find the time. much earlier i had already make two blog post on stupidity in bolehland, part 1 and part 2. mind you, after the part 2 (dated 6 jan), lots and lots of 'stupidness' had been going on. it's so sad what's happening to my beloved country. yes, i do love my country… it's the government that i am scared of. one can love her/his country without having to love her/his government.

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