sheer hypocrisy and blatant double standard from the umno ministers

UPDATED:  interesting read on the ‘christian state’ issue here ‘shit stirrers in malay poltics’ and ‘ISA them!’.


this will be a random ramblings (grumblings) post from me, so i’m not going to include any links.  also, since it is ramblings, it will be something that comes right from within me (somtimes without much thought) so it won’t be consider good writing or with good english. what i wrote may jump here and there. i’m too fed up of the happenings lately that i need to let steam off through my ramblings.

the hot ‘christian state’ issue.  the very idea of praying for a christian state and a christian PM is very silly indeed. as a christian (catholic)  myself, i wouldn’t ever dream of malaysia as a christian state. it seemed that the blogger who started it all had got it wrong when he mentiioned the meeting was at ‘penang christian (catholic) centre’.  what is this? it is either a christian centre or a catholic centre.  i realise that apart from bigdog, some other people too mistakenly think that the meeting was at the catholic centre and organised by the catholic church e.g. in malahysia chronicles, the writer iskandar dzulkarnian kept mentioning ‘the catholic church in penang’.

another fact that many people got wrong (and in that process, they like to attack the church leaders) was abnout the meeting of the church leaders with the PM on 12 may. many people, inclujding the report in free malaysia today,  stated that a hasty meeting was called between the church ln eaders and the PM to talk about this utusan christian state issue. the issue popped out on 6 may, the meeting was on 12 may. everybody thought the meeting on 12 may was called especially to discuss this  issue BUT what they did not know was that the meeting on 12 may was planned a long time ago, long before 6 may. the planned meeting on 12 may arise as a result of the impounded bibles issue, not this christian state issue.  it just so happened that few days before the planned meeting on 12 may, on 6 may this christian , state issue popped out… so of course when they meet, they talked about this too. what i don’t like was that people thinking this meeting on 12 may was called for specially to talk on the chrisitan state issue.

maybe people thinking that the chrisitan leaders were wrong or too meek when they pledged to respect islam as the official religion during the meet with the PM had to do with them thinking the meet was specially to talk about the christian state issue. by all means, no. so please lah, don’t be too hard on the chrisitian leaders.  fed up of many people who blog, comment, etc. that these christian leaders were being led to the slaughter house (yes, even bishop paul tan whom i admire and had met).  armchair critics who criticise the christian leaders, i would like to see what you would do/say if you are one of the christian leaders meeting the PM. it’s easy to talk “they should this…”, “they should that…” when you are not really in their situation. one commenter perhaps said it aptly when she/he said maybe the christians leaders are not politicians, so they don’t beat around the bush,  they did what is best; and another saying there’s nothing wrong with the pledge – it is all in the name of peace, goodwill, sincerity, harmony.

ok about ibrahim ali – that big fat baboon is indeed insane. pledging a crusade on christians based on something not proven? but he had been insane all along with his racist and seditious rantings.  he is so disillusioned to forever think that people are questioning islam, that islam is under threat, especially from christians. go get a life, buddy!

our home minister, hishamuddin, after ibrahim ali (IA) pledged to go on a war… and holy war, he said…. see how insane he is…. how can the kind of war he wanted be refer as holy? coming back to hisham, or course, as expected he did not chided IA at all. he stoped short of saying IA is an what extremist. ok fine…. but wrhat i hate most was that, after saying that, he had to say “there are extremist chinese too.” ya allah! this is what i notice of him (and other umno ministers) – they like to justify why they don;t take action on thier own people.   utusan publishing the christian state issue – when asked to take action on utusan, he had said something like “the chinese paper are seditious too at times.”.  can you believe that? i thought i had seen the worst in him…. but lo and behold just yesterday, another minister, the de facto law minister, nazri, also did the same when he said that he can’t take action against IA as if he did, then he should take action on the others too.  grr. what is the meaning of this???  but what about earlier, when it happened to other non malay/muslim? they did take action!  clear example – RPK. he said something about the PM and his wife, action was take against him at once. for example remember how they suspended sarawak tribune for publishing prophet mohd. cartoon? and also one indian paper was suspended and some other chinese paper, the editors were suspended. they already take actions on the non malay muslim, the non umno paper!! IT’S PLAIN DOUBLE STANDARD on their part!  as if double standard (and hypocrisy) is not enough, now comes this SILLY DEFENSE  from them to JUSTIFY why they should not take actions!! they have to justify their actions for not taking actions based on “others also did it”.  gosh!! i can’t believe it.  but when ‘others’ really do it, they WILL take action. goodness gracious me – ain’t that plain obvious blatant DOUBLE STANDARD??

a recent news report on what the DPM said during the wesak day celebration – “all religions are equal in the eyes of god.” what hypocrisy!! equal? then why does he support ketuanan islam (islam superiority)? if all religions are equal, islam shouldn’t put itself on a pedestal as the superior religion!! (but only in malaysia, it does. hurray!).  if all religions are equal, why is it islam refuse to be in the inter-faith council? somebody was saying, islam should not be put on par (togehter) with other religions, that’s why refuse islam to be in the council. this means they think islam is superior. also do you rmemeber how the DPM said he is malay first, malaysian second? we all know malays are muslim (only in malaysia. hurray!), so this means to him his religion comes first. well, kind of ties in with having islam as first, superior, right? so what kind of hypocrite he is to say all religions are equal here?

coming back to nazri, another silly remark he made was that  he can’t take action over IA’s warnings of violence against the christian community, was because that  such remarks are now a malaysian norm. what? ya allah! allah help me! allah help the country! it is now a norm in our country to incite violence? racist and seditious talk is a norm in malaysia now? if so, then i really need to get out or malaysia!! but hold your horses…. IA is malay muslim, most important of all, he is proxy for umno extremism, so that’s why such remarks from him (and hisham)… but wait till if it is a non umno muslim or a PR politician who made such seditous remarks like IA, i bet your bottom ringgit, nazri will not said it is the norm. i bet your cash, car and condo that our dear home minister, hisham will quickly arrest them. welcome to malaysia – the land of double standard and hypocrisy.


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