ISA repealed?


so it seems. our dear PM's malaysia day present for us?

well, in his malaysia day's speech, that was what he announced… but wait, don't get your hope high yet. we all know this will be sort of an election bait, don't we? and it's very hard to tell if he is sincere or not. oh well, maybe sincere in repealing ISA but then read between the lines, please.

The prime minister said that new laws will be enacted to protect the peace, harmony and security of the country.

huh? one out, one in… what's the point? isn't ISA, a law to protect the peace, harmony and security of the country? anyway, he said that the new law to be introduced for preventive detention will be limited to cases of terrorism. oh really kah? but then again it would be terrorism as define by umno!

see, here says

Najib said that under the new laws, detentions could only be extended by the court and therefore “the power of detention will be shifted from the executive to the judiciary, unless it concerns terrorism.”

"unless it concerns terrorism". i thought the new law is already for terrorism. so if it is not concerning terrorism, what will it be? who knows it might be the same thing as what people had been detained for under ISA! najib should name this law the 'anti terrorism act' and really use it for terrorism only.

(to be continued)


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