ISA to be repeal? (contd.)

continue the post made on 16 sept.

in that post, i mentioned that yes, the PM said he is going to repeal ISA but… a big BUT… BUT then two new laws will be enacted to replace ISA. 

that is the frightening part. what will the two new laws be? according to malaysia chronicles, it is swapping one evil with two evils! so, like many of us, malaysia chronicles fear the new laws might be the same as ISA or even worst.

yesterday, nazri, then gave us an insight into the two new laws – he said one of the two new laws will focus on terrorism, while the other will regulate race and religious issues.  read about it from the malaysian insider.

what? race and religious issues? oh wow! that's the scary part! it was first said that the ISA should be used for terrorism only but it had been abused and used for other purpose like race and religion… and now we heard the ISA will be repeal, we are suppose to be happy but we heard one of the new law will be on regulating race and religious issues – so doesn't it come to the same thing, what the authority had been using ISA for?

the saya anak bangsa malaysia (SABM) movement had been fighting for the repeal of ISA with its tagline 'no to ISA, yes to anti-terrorism act'. yes that's because we believe the ISA should be used for terrorism only and not for any other things the fed govt feel like it, which one of them is for race and religion. so if ISA is out, then another law to regulate race and religion comes in, so what's difference is there? so malaysia chronicle was right – out with one evil, in another evil. (malaysia chronicle mentioned in with two evils but to me the anti-terrorism act is necessary so i don't look to it as evil),in fact, this 

although nazri assures us that under these two new laws n one can be arrested on the basis of differences in political ideologies and extended detention can only be approve through the court, i'm not convinced at all. why? it is because we are living in 2malaysia! a double standard country, where the fed govt, is heavily practising double standard (and hypocrisy). 

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