oh police, why didn’t you raid utusan malaysia office?

polis_rajayes, at that time, when utusan was so clearly, blatantly racist, calling for the malays to rise fight against the other races (or something like that). you didn’t because utusan is UMNO owned! you are UMNO owned!!

you raided malaysiakini office i think more than once… and now you are after DAP!  doesn’t this shows so blatantly double standard from you? you seize the PC and DVDs from DAP HG. what about the BN who made some CD of the may 7 perak state assembly fiasco? why no go raid their office? because you practise double standard!

oh and to make matter worst, the police did not have a search warrant. what? so it is really that it is PRDM and not PDRM??? (polis raja di malaysia = PDRM, polis raja di malaysia = PDRM). the police is king so they could do what they like… even breaking the law! the law did say one must need a search warrant! if they did not have a search warrant, susan loone is right to say that it was a robbery! robbery by our malaysian police!

gosh, there were so many double standard practices from our police and from the federal government that if i were to prepare a list, the list will go round penang island. just look at the perak fiasco. just look at the arrests of people peacefully gathering in private premises. double standard abound aplenty! i think one day i AM going to prepare the list.

it’s a sunday and i don’t want to get all worked up if i continue to write about the double standards. yesterday i was angry already at the kangaroo court favouring the zambi guy and now this police raid…. GRRR! :mad  ok i’m cool… breathe in, breathe out.


note: picture taken from nokthahitam

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