here… another proof of double standard from the poice

only 9 people demonstrated and they were all indians, and they were arrested.

these people, from the malaysia tamil students group, were arrested when they demonstrated against the novel ‘interlok’ as a malay literature textbook in school in taman desa puri, in tasek gelugor, penang.

Seberang Perai Utara police chief ACP Zulkifli Illias said those arrested for defying the police order to disperse were taken to the Tasek Gelugor police station for their statements to be recorded.

why were they asked to disperse? yes, the had no police permit but look at all the after friday prayer protestors, they too had no permit but they were not asked to disperse?

read my post here – in penang too, a group of mamak, much more than these 9 (about 40) demonstrated at komtar, penang.

He said police also seized several posters brought by the protesters to the demonstration, and the case was being investigated under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servants in the discharge of their public functions.

read the same post – the same protest in penang – they were also carrying so many banners (and condemning the CM too!) – why weren’t the posters seized??

then at the same previous post, this time about the after friday prayer protestors in KL. they burned effgies – why were they not stop? why were not the effigies seized?

Zulkifli hoped their arrest would not be politicised as police had acted in accordance with the law.

podah!! ahem!! $$@(!*) cough! cough! )!*%#$#!($)!!

the police only act when it suit them!! yes, this time they act in accordance with the law… but why when it was the after friday prayers group, the police close an eye and did not act in accordance with the law??? what the hell is the meaning of this??? DOUBLE STANDARD FOR SURE! DOUBLE STANDARD!

of course this was no the first time we heard/read about the double standard of police (or the fed govt). it happened so many thousand times already. in fact so often that years back i had said i had better open a category ‘double standard’ for my blog.  googling for ‘double standard’ in my blog also brought forward lots of posts!  then when i started to be active in facebook, i started a group 2malaysia which is basically for people to post anything they see as double standard.

and oh, i had also started composing a ‘double standard’ song, to the tune of the nursery rhyme song ‘are you sleeping’.  all together now, let’s sing……..

double standard, double standard
here it comes! here it comes!
what do you expect? what do you expect?
its malaysia!

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