the s’gor CPO at it again – DOUBLE STANDARD!

‘police warns against staging demo’ (from malaysiakini)

bl**dy hell!! son of a gun!! whazzit????
(sorry for the language but i’m very very angry).  :mad

very obvious blatant double standard at work!!! shit!! damn!!! :evil

Police today issued a warning against any demonstrations planned at places of worship, especially one rumoured at the Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya, on Jan 13.

what the hell??? mosques are not place of worship? why was it that the after friday prayers demo at a few mosques were allowed and you never opened your big mouth to issue warning?

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said any illegal demonstration would not help ease the situation, instead it would only make it worse.

the after friday prayers demo in mosques had no permit too, but they were allowed!!  one group even marched on the street to hand over a memo… but was not stopped at all. we all remember how hindraf marched and were stopped by police (not only that, but roughed up too).  😡

“I have been informed that an SMS was being circulated, inviting people to assemble in front of church next week, so I urge the public to discard any such plans.

i received the sms too. it was just callling for a peaceful candle-light vigil to protest against the church bombings. what’s so wrong with that? and it will be held in front of the church – consider as private place – just like the after friday prayers that were held in front of mosques, which you allowed!!!! bl**dy fool!! what kind of police chief are you?????  :mad

don’t forget… before the bombings started, the sabahan christians wanted to hold a protest, the police did not allowed them but the muslims wanted to hold a protest, the police did not stop them!  🙁

“Let us carry out the investigations…let us handle it….do not take any action that may raise tension and aggravate the situation,” he told reporters after visiting the church today.

the demo is just a peaceful ones with people coming together in solidarity to hold candles and sing and pray. they are not going to shout loudly, emotionally, aggressively, like what the after friday prayers protesters did!!!  yet those demos were allowed and this… you have not even find out what it is going to be about, you already issued warning. what? because it is going to be held in a church? you will keep quiet (ignore, pretend no hear) if the demo is going to be held in a mosque?? why don’t you be like your master, the PM,  to say “we can’t stop them if they want to demo”???   😮

oh yeah so mr PM and mr HM, please let us hear what you said when the muslims were going to protest on friday, after praying, to these group of people who want to hold a protest at a church.  “we can’t stop them if they want to protest” – right? you said that, yes, so why shouldn’t these people be allowed to protest then? go and tell your police chief slave!!  :mad


here are what some commenters had to say up to date now (11 jan monday 0015 hrs).

by Victor Johan – an hour ago

Wah wah wah! Based on rumours, Police already giving warnings. But when already knowing of announcements and postings made about demonstrations to be, and then organised in Mosque compounds, police did not give warning, but instead allowed speeches, especially of the burning of churches. Police, and UMNO, still thinking that the Malaysians at large are still stupid to buy into all this sandiwara…. No thinking Malaysians will assemble in the first place, and create any chaos. This can only happen in UMNO and MIC sponsored strategy or programme. Justice must not just be heard, but be seen to be happening.

by T.Shanmugam – an hour ago

Just a rumour of a demo at the Assumptions Church and this top cock has already issued a warning and intimidating the people. What about the demos after the Friday prayers? Didn’t the PM said he can do anything if it is held indoors? So if the demos are held indoor of the Assumptions Church, then as the PM puts it, its legal? So called 1Malaysia with 2 laws. Maybe Allah blast you Super cock Khalid.

by P.Dev Anand Pillai – an hour ago

Well it is always alright for some to gather and to whatever they like because they belong to the right race but it is never acceptable if the others gather and respond.

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