crazy!! another blow to democracy! no political ceramah!


Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said it is up to the  respective state police to decide on whether a ban should be imposed on political ceramah following the political turmoil in Perak.

perak state itself had already banned political ceramah right? and i thought it is only perak but…

PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin has accused the police of cancelling a ceramah permit in Bayan Baru, Penang on Sunday in view of the situation in Perak.

The ceramah was supposed to take place at a field near Sungai Nibong Tengah but after the permit was cancelled, the venue was shifted to nearby house belonging to a Pakatan Rakyat supporter.

what? in penang too?

it’s all nice for the IGP to say it is up to the respective state police to decide on whether to ban political ceramah… but wait… do you think the police will ban ALL ceramah? come on, don’t we know already there are 2 laws in our country? don’t we know already the police bow down to their political masters, namely umno? so how can the ban be fair then as they might not allow ceramah from PR but allow ceramah from BN. after all…

The police’s directive to clamp down on rallies comes at a time when Pakatan Rakyat is engaged in a series of daily roadshows throughout the state to explain their position to the masses.


ok maybe the police won’t act that obvious to allow BN ceramah but not PR ceramah… but that is only because, mind you, daily we already heard/read enough of BN’s ‘ceramah’ – on the mainstream media! they are all owned by the ruling party!

perak PAS deputy commissioner asmuni awi rightly said that a ban on ceramah would be unfair.


"The authorities should give us an opportunity to defend ourselves in form of a ceramah as certain media organisations are slandering us," he said.

"A ban won’t do any good for the state of Perak but it will cause more dissatisfaction and cause the situation to deteriorate," he added.

at the malaysian insider, he also said:

“Then it is too much and would be like putting Perak under siege. It won’t do any good. They are doing this due to impending elections in Bukit Gantang. We always do ceramahs well in advance and do not wait till after nomination day,” said the Perak Pas deputy chief.

Asmuni said ceramahs are the only way for the party to reach out to the public.

“The mainstream media is slandering us saying things like we are betraying the Sultan. But it is our right to defend ourselves. The mainstream media is very much influenced by the ruling party,” he said.

yeah. the MSM will have a field time slandering PR while PR won’t have a chance to respond or to explain or to voice their view/stand. they can only do so via ceramah. so why bannned ceramah? the answer is obvious isn’t it!!

pokok assam DAP state rep yee sue kai also said that the right to information was a basic human right enshrined in the federal constitution.

"Having public gatherings is a form of democratic process. We are trying to inform the public about what is happening and the police should not deny the public their right to information, said the lawyer.

yes it is a form of democratic process but since when is malaysia a democratic country????? :mad

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