leave BN and let UMNO sink!!

when i read this heading in lim kit siang’s blog – ‘over 60% of grassroots in gerakan, MCA, MIC and over 80% of sabah/sarawak parties want to quit BN’ – i said to myself "ya! leave! gerakan, MCA and MIC should leave BN and let umno be damned!!".

do you realised that it is because of all these non umno component parties of BN that gave ‘power’ to umno? and yet look how they were treated. i believe ex gerakan president himself said umno treated them like a servant and some commenters in LKS blog used the word ‘whore’. ya, umno treated gerakan, MCA, MIC like whores. then why are they still hanging on in BN?

do you realised that if it is umno alone in BN, they would never ever form the government at all? it is the other component parties combined together with umno that made umno the ‘lord of all’ – solely controlling the government. how many times have you heard – even in foreign media – of ‘umno led government’, right? gerakan, MCA, MIC (and other smaller component parties) are in BN for, what we say ‘decoration purpose’ only!!

you know, it so happened that i was reading halfway kee thuan chye’s book and was at the part where RPK was interviewed. he (RPK) said a lot of interesting things indeed regarding umno and i would like to highlight one paragraph, which is so relevant to what i’m trying to say about gerakan, MCA, MIC giving power to umno. here is what RPK said (highlight my own):


the point i would like to stress here is, you look at the performance in the general election by BN – in 2004. how many seats did umno get? hundred. out of 222, less than 50%. this election they got 78, about one-third. umno is playing up the NEP and ketuanan melayu because it has to cater to the malay voters. remember what musa hitam and ghafar baba said? ketuanan umno is in the kampung. no point for umno to try and win in the urban areas. they will vote opposition. so umno has to play to the sentiments of the kampung. how do they handle the urban areas? give it to their friends in BN. let the chinese and indian parties see to that. even if umno contested every seats in malaysia, it could never form the government. because it will not be able to win a lot of seats that are not malay majoity. even if it is 60-40 or 50-50. so umno needs MCA, MIC, gerakan to do their job. now who is giving the power to umno? the non malaysa. umno needs to continue to play up the malay issues because that’s basically the market they need to catch. they have to keep telling the malays that they are under threat, and if there’s no umno, the non malays will take away everything. this is the same game they are playing, but they can only play this game as long as the non malays allows them to play this game, collaborate with umno to play it. the day the non malays say they are not going to tolerate any more of this so called politics, we’re walking off. umno can’t form the government, not even with a simple majority. ali rustam said umno could. try and form and see. ei, come on lah, when he said that, why were the thousands indians of PPP sitting there keeping quiet? why didn’t they do some calculation and say "excuse me, sir, you got 100 seats wor out of 222. tell us again how you are going to form the government without us?" people don’t do arithmetic ah?


very wise words from RPK eh! if you think that’s interesting, there’s much more that’s so interesting coming from RPK – 27 pages of his interview! so what are you waiting for? go and get the book at once to read. if you are in penang, it is available at bookzone at gurney plaza.

oh btw, the sun reported on 28 sept that 20 from gerakan had already left and joined PKR. it also mentioned that former gerakan FT information bureau head, kk gan said  at least 300 more members would leave and join PKR.

good! they have no future being servant to umno, so all should leave. of course best if for gerakan to pull out all together from BN but i guess some critics would say – dare koh tsu koon do that (and saying he is a wimp).

in the meantime, penang’s CM, malaysiakini reported that lim guan eng had scoffed at the idea of a merger between gerakan and MCA. he said that it would be meaningless to the two parties as well as to the federal government.

"The problem is not just MCA or Gerakan, but the entire BN political community, which badly needs wholesale changes in policies,” Guan Eng told journalists in Georgetown today.

“It would be pointless to merge if this is to change only its style, for it does not bring any benefit to the people. Whether or not it will change BN in substance is for the merging parties to answer.”

yep i agree totally it would be meaningless – they would still be beholden to the almighty umno!! mca and gerakan were already ‘servants’ to umno so what’s the point of them merging as they would still be servant to umno. best is for them to leave BN of course… but don’t hold your breath wishing it……..

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