yet again… proof BN is UMNO, UMNO is BN, federal govt is UMNO

and of course also proof that umno treated MCA like pariah (not respected at all).

it was a selangor BN convention but… (quoting from malaysiakini)

Kapar MCA division chief Song Kee Chai told Malaysiakini that division representatives were outraged that the coalition’s maiden state convention was preceded by the singing of the Umno anthem, soon after the BN anthem.

“This convention is organised in the name of BN, not Umno. So singing the Umno song does not reflect BN and the 1Malaysia spirit,” he said when contacted this afternoon.

Additionally, Song said division representatives were also upset that only Umno leaders were invited to sit on the stage, while leaders from other component parties were seated with the crowd.

hold your horses! that’s not all.

He said his members were also upset with the keynote address by Noh Omar, who alluded that non-Malays should be grateful that they were granted Malaysian citizenship.

Among others, Noh Omar had quoted speeches of fourth MCA president Tan Siew Sin and fifth MIC president VT Sambanthan from the 1960s, who praised Umno and the Malays for granting citizenship to the non-Malays.

and the organising chariman shrugged off these matters as non issue at all! also….

He also defended the playing of the Umno song in the morning session, saying that it was “only natural”, because the organising committee was headed by Umno.

huh? i didn’t know that the organising committee have the privilege to play whatever song they like. next time if i  organise a seminar for my church and it happened to be my birthday, can i play a birthday song for myself right in the beginning of the seminar?

here is my comments at malaysiakini:

==ha! proof again that BN govt is actually umno govt! what the hell is MCA still doing in BN??? they are treated like pariah by umno and yet want to be in BN. get out of BN lah, MCA!! also gerakan, MIC… all should be out of BN and leave umno alone with their high and mighty ketuanan melayu stand. oops. i mean their ketuanan umno stand.==

the irony of it is that on the same day this news was carried by malaysiakini, another news titled ‘modh zin: umno cannot wrest selangor alone’ appeared. huh? is that so? i thought umno don’t need MCA and MIC.  ahh… i know. they only need the other BN component parties when it suits them… like in this instance, to help them wrest selangor. then after IF they did wrest selangor, they’ll push aside MCA and MIC to the tong sampah.

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