display/fly the flag upside down? no thank you!

it’s disrespectful and an insult! especially at a time when one goes crying ‘daulat tuanku!’.

apparently this call to display the flag upside down was started by kickdefella, then joined in by zorro and people’s parliament. oh well, since these 3 are famous bloggers, of course they have lots of readers… loyal readers who usually go with what they do/say…  hence from the 3, it become 10, 20… what? how many now? how many moronic malaysians, as yein jee stated?

another famous blogger, susan loone, also blogs on this issue but she goes a step further… or is it taking a neutral stand?… by saying she will not raised the flag whether upright or upside down. though she is a good friend of mine, i disagree with her view there, just like i disagree with the view of those 3 famous bloggers.

they said displaying or flying the flag upside down is not being disrespectful to the flag but it is a sign of distress. excuse me, malaysia is in distress? gee, i guess that depends on how one define distress.

yes, i am very disappointed and sad at what had been going on in our country…. the judiciary, corruption, lack of freedom, double standard, racial politics and so on. yes i am angry at the politicians, angry at the federal government, angry at the policies and so on BUT i still love my country, so how could i have the heart to fly the flag upside down? i was born in malaysia, lived in malaysia all my life…. despite all my complains and grumblings at the gomen and so on, i still love malaysia. compare to many other countries (third world countries), we are way better off.

our jalur gemilang represent our country. i am not angry at our country but at the polticians and the policies. as merdeka approach, i will put up the flag all right in my blog… as it should be.

however, i have to say that i don’t support the idea of "if you don’t fly the flag, you are not loyal" bullshit… which, i bet you, you will soon hear sprouting from some ministers mouth,  so susan, though refusing to fly the flag, she is still loyal! well, most of us are i believe… even the 3 famous bloggers mentioned above are. i believe in one way or another, we (esp. the older folks of course) all are loyal. if not, why would we be bothered so much with all the turmoil that had been going on in our country eh. we could easily packed our bags and leave malaysia and who cares what the heck is happening in the country! we care… that’s why we talk (blog) about it.

that’s why being loyal to the country, despite all its warts and burns (eh… that is not the correct expression!), i love my country and love my flag… which i will either not fly it or fly it as it is.

well… this is the one flag that i don’t mind flying upside down to show my distress with IT. (my distress is with IT, not with the country).

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