flood, flood, flood – why?

it’s very distressing to note that johor had been hit by terrible flood. 3 dead and 40, 000 evacuated. happened in major towns too like johor baru, segamat, kluang. i’m sure many of us still remember the great flood of johor 4 years ago (ahh.. i still remember some remarks passing  about our ex PM badawi enjoying himself in australia while the johor flood was occurring).

why the flood? apparently due to the northeast monsoon which brings heavy rain. so it is something natural and can’t be avoided? sure we can’t avoid the rain… but how the flood occurred… can it be avoided?

last month we heard of flood in  kelantan and terengganu. these two east coast  states every year will be hit by flood either end of year or beginning of year. nothing much unusual… but in nov. last year we heard of flood in kedah… that was unusual. many blamed it on some unfinished railway tracks or what.

so you see, seemed that flood is such a natural regular occurrence in our country.  why? yes, heavy rain and all that but if we talk about drainage system, it is the work of the authorities. well, BN had been ruling the country for 53 years and they can’t solve the drainage problem

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