mr PM, you lied too! and the DPM…

when i heard on tv the PM said that the gomen had been fair to all races (on the issue of the hindraf rally and indians being marginalised). fair? my foot! hello dear PM, there is such a thing as NEP, you know, of which youm not too long ago said will be here to stay. as long as there is NEP, there is no fairness.

why were the bersih rally and hindraf rally not allowed? why were tear gas and water canon used on them? why were the demo by UMNO youth (against the visit of condolezza rice), lead by your son-in-law allowed? why were no water canon or tear gas fired at them to disperse them? (not even truckloads of FRU presence, i think). you call this fair? if yes, then you are a liar.


fine thing for him to say

 Malaysians have every right to speak up but it is against the law to utter   seditious words that could lead to racial clashes…

People can speak up, but they can’t break the law…

what about all those seditious remarks by those UMNOputera during last year’s UMNO general assembly? nothing happened to them except a warning. what about the mufti of perak who passed on a seditious SMS to cause protestors to turn up at an ipoh church? and in the video ‘malaysia at a crossroad’, he mentioned that the chinese are bullying the malays – wasn’t that seditious? why wasn’t he charged?

ok look no further at yourself, mr DPM – remember what happened 20 years ago? your infamous ‘keris will be soak with chinese blood’? so much more seditious, yet nothing happened to you.

this is double standard at work!! DOUBLE STANDARD! 2 sets of laws in our country – one for UMNO, one for the rest!! plain blatant double standard abound all the time!!


NOTE:  somewhat relevant, here is a short letter by someone in malaysiakini.

Why wasn’t Khairy arrested for sedition?
Sri Siva

Nov 26, 07 4:42pm   
Pak Lah, I am very confused at the mixed messages you are sending us, the citizens of Malaysia. Am I allowed to have a peaceful rally? Your son-in-law wanted to hand a memorandum to Condeleeza Rice. How is this acceptable? Was he not shaming our country by doing so? Why was he not arrested?

Your son-in-law and many ministers have uttered seditious words countless times, but no one has ever been charged? Why is that? I do not see the logic, dear sir. I have video proof of the seditious words uttered by many of your good buddies. Many seem unapologetic and keep repeating them.

What is going on, dear sir? How come your buddies can behave the way they do? Your actions are not helping the situation. We elected your government but you have failed us. Notice I used the words “your government”? This is because I no longer feel your government represents Malaysians. Help us or call for new elections.

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