IGP, musa hassan, you are a liar!

in the star report:

Musa said no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident.

really? then pray tell me, what does these pictures show?

clear as can be! first picture show police lining up and firing tear gas! then second picture shows the police truck shooting water canon!

pictures don’t lie, musa. people do.

these pictures are taken from jeff ooi’s blog. lots of other pictures can be found too. (and the latest post of jeff, where he pointed out the inconsistency).

musa also said:

“The demonstrators forced open the locked gates and started breaking temple property, prompting the temple committee to lodge a police report,” he said.

i wonder was that also a lie? why would the demonstrators, who were indians, broke their own temple property?

someone in jeff’s blog rightly asked why at the bersih rally, when the protestors rushed into the masjid jamek for refugee, the police did not fire tear gas or use water canon at the masjid? why, here at indian temple, they did! why they had no respect for the indian temple but they had respect for the mosque? and they (gomen, police) are saying there’s no discrimination against the indians!! podah!!  :mad

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