loses/expenses that runs into millions – who caused it?

antiISA_rally1‘ISA protest cost KL RM100-200 mil: FT minister’ so went the headline on the star paper.

The Federal Territory Ministry Sunday estimated that losses incurred by businesses as well as damage to property as a result of the illegal demonstration on Saturday were between RM100mil – RM200mil.

‘as a result of the illegal demonstration’? i would rather say ‘as a result of the police/FRU action’. they fired tear gas and water canon indiscriminately!

Commenting on the group’s action that caused massive congestion in the city, Raja Nong Chik said they were “prodded” by certain quarters to do so.

‘the group’s action that cause massive congestion’? again, it was the police’s action that cause the massive congestion lah! even long before the rally, on friday night itself, the police already started road blocking here and there and inconvenient road users. then during the day, road blocks everywhere and with their presence together with the trucks – they started to be ‘trigger happy’ firing tear gas and water canon, causing the people to run away and re-group… all these causes congestion and why? because in the first instance the police were there and started to use their weapons!

ok RM100-200 mil loses incurred by businesses and damage to property. then what about the expenses incurred by the police to mobilise so many of its police personnel, to use trucks, black maria, tear gas and water canon? how much? these money spent (our money!) can be avoided totally if the police just leave the protesters alone. of course the police will (again) blame the protesters that made them had to spent so much to ‘keep the peace’ (sic). ha! it’s so ironic. it was suppose to be a peaceful protest but the police came in to ‘keep the peace’ but in turn made ‘war’!!

do watch this video from the malaysian mirror. see in the beginning how one man (in green shirt) pleaded with the police not to arrest him. last time, regarding the perak fiasco, the police arrested those who wear black, now, see, the police is into searching people’s bag for the anti isa t-shirt! real crazy! this video also shows dr hatta from PAS being mishandled.

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