police again spent time, energy, money on peaceful protestors

… instead of on criminals. *sigh* what else is new.

the police were out in full force at yesterday’s anti isa rally. so far i read in suaram’s egroup, that 438 people had been arrested but i thought i read somewhere else about 600 had been arrested. gosh! 600! a record breaking arrests?

i’m happy to note that there were about 20,000 protesters. feel so proud of them, especially on reading that although being bombarded by water canon and tear gas, they still continue with their protests.

ISA_badgei’m angry to note that once again, the police had used excessive force and were brutal and violent. democracy is really dead when people can’t even have a peaceful protest.

ok i don’t want to say more as you will be able to read all about the protest and arrests in many online media and blogs. ohh… i gotta say this one thing though before i end…


what made me say that was when i read that the ‘stupid’ minister saying as long as barisan nasional (BN) is around, ISA will never be abolish. so apa macam then? easy! let’s abolish BN! come next election, let’s all vote out BN! let it be really a be-end for them!!

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