1black merdeka

black_merdeka52 years of independence and what do we have to show? that we whip a woman (first time offender who pleaded guilty) for drinking beer? that we are all so fearful of MACC, that if we walked in their office for questioning, we might not walk out alive? that we fear our children to be picked up by the police in custodial arrest and something terrible may happen to him/her while in custody? that we can’t organise a peaceful protest on the street without tear gas and water canon raining on us? that we still have an oppressive law like the ISA where one is detained without trial?

remember how perak was so unlawfully, unconstitutionally taken over? how despicable it was that the speaker of perak was dragged out of the state assembly?

is that what 52 years of independence is all about? 52 years of ruling and UMNO is still playing the racial card? 52 years of independence and we still have extremists muslim (like PKR kulim’s zulkifli) who is only thinking of ketuanan melayu and ketuanan islam?

how can i celebrate merdeka with all these going ons… and more… if you refer to haris ibrahim’s blog.

what to celebrate then? it’s 1 black merdeka for us in this najib’s 1black malaysia nation! so my dear people, wear black on merdeka day today to mourn for our country.

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