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those of you who visit malaysiakini regularly, i hope you notice a section ‘komunitikini’. well, you will see it right on top across after the header. last time, i notice, komunitikini also appears with summary articles on its main page, at the bottom but since malaysiakini had been attacked, it does not appear there (hopefully it will appear there again).

well, why am i telling you about komunitikini? of course… to recommend you to visit it and read the articles and stories there.  get to know about news, information, events, updates, anything to do with the community at komunitikini.

i started writing for komunitikini about a month ago. my first article was about the ‘stop sexual crimes’ walk. ever since then, i have a few articles up here and there.  for that, first i wrote to publicise the event, then after the event, having attended it, i wrote about what happened during the event.

another event that i attended was the ‘transforming the city together’ conference in penang, which i wrote about here. yes, it was by me, though my name did not appear (due to some technical hitch at the time malaysiakini was attacked).

recently, i had sent in couple of articles regarding our church activities. if you go to the penang section, you will see the articles.  i have a few other articles lined up and will be submitting them as time goes by.

for your information, if any of you have any events/activities to publicise (before) or any events to report (after), do let me know, i’ll be most willing to write for you.  well, not only those kind of news of course but any community related news e.g. the apartment you are staying in where you encounter some problems (eg clogged drain, uncut grass), they can be highlighted in komunitikini too, rubbish you see somewhere on the road or housing area that had not been cleared, and so on.

well, remember to bookmark komunitikini and drop in regularly to be kept updated!

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