deepavali tea party


attended the tanjung bungah residents association deepavali tea party yesterday afternoon. it was actually a protest ‘party’. it was the 4th ‘tea party’ they had. i also attended their 2nd tea party and had blog about it at my other blog. this time, there were banging of pots and pans!  each time the speakers made some interesting remarks, they bang the pots and pans. ok i will not write more about this here in my blog as i’m trying to write about it for malaysiakini. my fellow citizen journalist colleague, lim, did the filming and interviewing but i was there to jot down points of the interview so i can do a write-up. will post the article (if any!) and the video in my blog later than.

anyway, they are having a hearing on 22 oct, as the banner above suggested. do drop in to support them if you can.



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