‘march 8: the day m’sia woke up’ book reading by kee thuan chye

what is book reading? it is a term used by the monthly little penang street market (LPSM), which is one of their activity. the explanation goes:

Provides an opportunity for the Penang public to meet Penang and Malaysian authors, to listen to their work and discuss it together. Again, making the written word more directly accessible to Penang audiences is what drives this activity. It also gives an opportunity for newer writers to showcase their work and for their talents to be nurtured. 

well, for this month at the LPSM ‘book reading’ activity, the author is none other than kee thuan chye, playright, actor, journalist, editor whose latest book is ‘march 8: the day malaysia woke up’, the book which i had talked about so much here and here.  (new! haven’t mentioned yet – the review in the nut graph, of which, surprisingly, my name was mentioned). have you guys read it already? read my contribution? ahem! so that was the reason why i talked so much about it. hehe. anyway seriously, the book is a fantastic read, especially the interview with RPK. make sure you buy it to read if you haven’t yet eh.

ok coming back to LPSM, not sure if many penangites are aware of the monthly held (last sunday of the month) LPSM. beside ‘book reading’ of course there are other activities too. visit the website here to find out more of the activities, or trust me to be a kind helpful soul, to have the details right here. (save you from clicking to go to the site…well…in a way keep you glue to my blog. haha):

Program for the Day
Sunday, 25 October 2008

At Padang Kota in front of the Town Hall Building

10. 00 am    Bikes Stunt show at Padang Kota Lama (in front of Old Town Hall)
10. 20 am    Departure To Upper Penang Road by Vintage Car and bikes
10. 40 am    Arrival at Little Penang Street Market

At Upper Penang Road – Little Penang Street Market

10. 45 am    Opening Ceremony at LPSM
10. 50 am    Tour visit at LPSM and viewing Vintage cars and Bikes
11. 00 am    Joget and Ronggeng including a learn-how-to session
11. 45 am    Himanshu Bhatt, Storyteller Extraordinaire on Deepavali
12 noon       Deepavali Celebration: Indian Music and Dance
12. 30 pm    Rozz
1. 00 pm      Dance Campaigners
1. 15pm       Northern Jazz Ensemble with Special Guest Singer
2. 30 pm to  Book Reading – March 8 – The day Malaysia Woke Up by Kee Tuan
4.00 pm       Chye at the Foyer of the Garage

2. 15 pm      Baby Wearing Extravaganza complete with Fashion Parade and Lucky draw
3. 00 pm      Dance Factory
4. 00 pm      Ronald De Leon and Friends
4. 30 pm      Sam Ponnudorai

The Wood Carving Workshop by David Yeo starts at 10. 30am

Information on our Programmes

1,   Babywearing
Forget designer duds—our passion is wearing our little ones!  That’s because babywearing—which simply means holding an infant or toddler in a baby carrier—offers  numerous benefits. And we in Malaysian Babywearers are celebrating this practice during International  Babywearing Week, November 12 to 18, 2008.

Join us as we launch our month-long celebration in conjuntion with International Babywearing Week 2008  at the Little Penang Street Market on the 26th October 2008. The event features a promotional booth with  info and exhibits promoting the act of babywearing and its benefits. There will also be a charity fund  raising sales, kids colouring contest, info treasure hunt & lucky draw. A babywearing show, showcasing  different options in babywearing, will take centrespace around 2. 00 pm. For more information: www.  malaysianbabywearers. org.

2.   Book Reading – In The Garage 2. 30 pm

If the system is flawed, I believe it should be reformed, not blindly tolerated or accepted with a helpless  shrug or defended with excuses—by the powers that be, the media, the man in the street. – Kee Thuan  Chye MARCH 8 – THE DAY MALAYSIA WOKE UP by Kee Thuan Chye – The day of the underdogs, the real Merdeka, a political tsunami, the perfect storm — by any name, March 8, 2008, will go down in history as a turning point in Malaysian politics. With their votes, Malaysians dealt  a blow to the Barisan Nasional government that had held almost absolute power for 50 years. Denying it  the all-important two-thirds majority in Parliament and the control of five states has certainly made the  political scenario more vibrant.

Although surprised that there was such power in the vote they cast, Malaysians woke up to the true  meaning and practice of democracy. They now face the present reasonably free from fear, free from the  spectre of May 13.

This book is about that historic day and the change that came with it — an expression of hope for a  brighter future, with many Malaysian voices speaking their thoughts frankly. There are also eyewitness  accounts, interviews with key people, and articles never published before, written by fledgling and  established writers.

Highlights of the book includes exclusive hard-hitting interviews & more!

"How Big Are Your Balls? ", an interview with Raja Petra Kamarudin

"The Racial Bias of Utusan Malaysia", a report by Yip Wai Fong, Centre of Independent Journalism

"Enough of the NEP", an interview with Dr Lim Teck

"Just Call Me Guan Eng", an interview with Lim Guan Eng

& "One Hundred-Odd Days After March 8? , a comprehensive record of events.  KEE THUAN CHYE, our very own Penangite, is a patriot who does not believe in flag-waving on  National Day. He, however, strongly believes in Bangsa Malaysia. He has been wearing many hats in  his life – as an actor, playwright, stage director & journalist. As a journalist for 30 years, he does not  believe in self-censorship and spin-doctoring. As an actor and a playwright, he is best-known for his  political plays, the latest of which is The Swordfish, Then the Concubine. His other works published are 1984 Here and Now, The Big Purge and We Could **** You, Mr. Birch

3,   Wood carving workshop. By David Yeo
( 4 hrs duration . 10. 30am – 1. 30pm )

David Yeo ( 54 years old ) is a self taught furniture restorer and woodcarver. He has conducted a  number of antique furniture restoration classes and wood carving classes under heritage program  workshops.

He is a collector of old things and fine workmanship.

The proposed woodcarving class is to stimulate the interset in heritage and woodcarving, a dying craft  in Penang. Initially participants will be provided partially completed pcs and will be assisted in their  complion for this workshop. This is to boost their self confidence and also due to the short time to  complete the class project. If successful , more difficult and bigger project of longer duration will be  arranged.

The workshop consists of;

a. Brief talk on the carved woodpanels on the doors located in the inner city of GT.  The hidden messages and meaning depicted on the sample pcs. and why certain  symbol or subject selected. ( 20 mins. )
b. Selection of woodpanels for the workshop by participant according to their self confidence and capability. ( 10 mins )
c. Woodcarving seesion proper and the participant will be asssited as and when required. ( 3 hours )
d. Finishing the carve panel with shellac and lacquer. ( 30 mins )

Age Group – 10 years and above, adults welcome. Fees : RM 10. 00

4.   Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Association (MSVCR)

The MSVCR was founded in 1955 and is involved in many types of events and are often seen working  for charities in Penang Local members take on early morning drives on Sundays.

The MSVCR will be show casing some of their cars at the Market. They will be parked at the E & O. A  simple classification of the cars :

Vintage Cars – Those manufactured before 1940 Classic Cars – Manufactured after 1940 and have distinctive style.  Muscle cars those with 4, 5, 7 or more litres engine power.

5.   Planet Cycle Shop and KTM Riders

Planet Cycle Shop and KTM riders wil present a 20 minute stunt show at the Padang Kota before leading  a convoy of vintage cars to the Market.

Multiple Paris Dakar Rally Champion KTM motorcycles, officially imported to Malaysia by Mr Kenny Lee 4 years ago. KTM Motorcycles A. G is located in Mattighofen, Austria. Its product ranging from as low as 50 to 1190cc from onroad to offroad. Till date there have been about 500 units registered KTM  motorcycles on the road.

1190 RC8 are the latest family member in KTM motorcycles. The super light and aggressive super bike  are already a hot topics and not to be miss!

Other Attractions

· Over 60 Arts and Crafts Vendors,

· On site Art and Craft Demonstrations

More Information on our other guests, performers and arts and crafts persons can be found on our  website. Please contact : Feei at 016 488 3632, Ambi at 012 482 8619

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