aeroline – new way of flying

well… that’s the tagline of aeroline executive coach – the convenient way to fly… i just modified it a bit. 🙂

i took the aeroline bus this morning. it arrived ahead of scheduled!

what surprise me most was that aeroline now provides individual personalised entertainment. the last time i took it – in nov. last year, there was no individual entertainment yet. only individual music to listen too… but the music were not good at all.  now the entertainment, so much to watch and lots of music (better).

see the 2nd picture? there are 4 categories to choose for entertaining yourself on aeroline – movies, music,  photo and games.

i went to the photo category – nothing there. not sure what it is for. the games category too – can’t access any games… but never mind the movies and music are enough to keep me awake and entertained the whole journey through! as i have my notebook, i intended to use internet on board but i had so many movies to watch, that i don’t have to use internet.

there are about 18 movies to watch. and under documentaries – there are 10 i think.  under music, there are 5 sections to choose from.

well i first watch the movie ‘fast and furious 3’. see the 3rd picture. it was a fast paced action packed thriller (pic show a lady jumping from a moving truck).  later i watched a documentary on the iced aged narrated by the famous nature (or is it environment)
scientist, richard attenborough. after that, i watched ‘michael jackson – a life in pop’ – which featured his best selling videos.

actually before aeroline provide personal entertainment, i already love to travel on aeroline. i was first introduced to aeroline by a friend in KL during the media freedom walk… think in 2008. before 2008, i sure knew about aeroline already but i thought it was too expensive but after trying it twice – i began to see that, with the ‘adds on’ actually it is not expensive at all.  (it’s RM55 btw. heard that the nice executive coach is over RM60!).

what are the add-ons? i suppose more or less same like the other executive coaches. a bus hostess, bottled drinking water, hot coffee/tea, washroom (for light usage only), blanket, cushion, lounge, individual power point and of course now the individual entertainment. it’s a double decker and the ride were very smooth – hardly felt any jerks/bump at all. oh and the food were nice too.

gosh i sound like i’m advertising for aeroline eh but rest assured i’m not.  perhaps this was my first time experiencing personalised individual entertainment, that was why i was so excited to tell about it and in that process also tell more!

oh almost forget… another

thing i like about aeroline is i can do online booking – to and fro journey. very convenient indeed. especially the return journey. i usually fear no tickets for return journey but since for aeroline i can buy return journey, save me headache thinking how/when to buy return journey. aeroline also has good customer relations – once i wrote in to complain about the lounge being fully occupied the whole journey, i received a response in less than a day! then i realise that after my journey, they will always email me to ask for my feedback.

ok from now on, it will be aeroline for me always – the convenient way to fly. 🙂

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