retreat at penang hill

according to malaysiakini, umno leaders had their 2-days retreat 6 days ago. well, i too need a retreat.  yes, i’m going for a 2-day retreat this evening. it’s our office staff retreat at penang hill. we’ll be staying at the southview bungalow. thus, there’ll be no blogging for me for 2 days. argh! no internet access too…. though of course, if i want to, i can still access the internet with my PDA and phone as modem (but which will cost me a bomb!). anyway, this is suppose to be a spiritual retreat, a lot of time to spend for praying alone, so i think i’d better try to kick my net addiction and not get on the internet. wait… time will tell….
anyway, our retreat won’t be all serious all the time. during some free time, we will be playing games. maybe instead of joining my colleagues for games, i’ll get on the net. will not! will to! will not! will to… not… to… not…. 😛

every year, our office has one staff retreat and one staff day. the latter – staff day – is totally all play and entertainment. two years back, we went to the lost world in tambun and last year we went for a sort of ‘amazing race’ organised by the penang sports club. very interesting and entertaining! ah… this would be the time i forget about internet. haha.

ok although i won’t be around for 2 days to blog, nevertheless, i’ll have something publish – set to auto publish on thursday morning and friday morning, so do not stay away from my blog, ya hear?

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