fatal bus accident again

yes again and again. when will it ever stop? sadly, it won’t i guess.

this time 27 people were killed. that’s a lot, mind you. A LOT! 27 lives all gone… just like that. whatever happened, authorities have not found out yet but they speculated either the driver was speeding or the brake failed. it could have been both too of course – the driver was speeding and when want to stop, step on the brake but find the brake not working.

the bus in this instance was a tour bus returning from a trip to cameron highlands. i was just at cameron highlands last week and traveled to and fro on a bus too – penang to cameron and cameron to KL.  both trip seemed quite smooth enough but i notice that the penang to cameron trip, at one stage, the bus was traveling at a very slow speed.  many cars overtook the bus. i was surprised, thinking usually bus drivers will speed. my friend later told me that of course better for the bus driver to drive slow than speed especially at corners.

well i travel by express bus most of the time when i’m going out-station and i guess the risk is there but i try to minimise the risk by taking only the aeroline bus – a reliable company which i know has high standards for its drivers and the buses.

coming back to the accident, well i guess finger-pointing will start again and the talk of enforcement this and that will arise.  i really don’t know what is the solution to end… er… no, not end of course… i mean to make sure that accidents like this won’t happen so frequent.  i just feel very sad for the victims and their families. imagine they were out for holiday and this unfortunate accident had to happen to them.  so i guess now i can only pray for the soul of the victims, for their families for the strength to go through this AND that our 1malaysia bolehland can somehow or other boleh solve this frequent bus accidents mishaps.

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