ISA – a malay institution?

bebasISA-bigso that’s what the pro ISA group, which consists of ALL malays, wants us to believe.

one of my earlier post about them, mentioned about them apart from wearing the ‘yes to ISA’ t-shirt (back), a picture show two of them with a sash that read ‘hidup melayu, hidup islam’ (long live malays, long live islam), and i asked what has ISA to do with malays and islam. that picture shows only the back of their t-shirt. then i notice in the sunday star, there was a picture of mohd khairul, legal adviser of MAGARAN (majlis gabungan NGO pembela negara, which comprises some 50 organisations that support the ISA in the ‘kekalkan ISA’ t-shirt which shows the front, i suddenly notice below the word ‘ ISA’ there is this small words that read:

PERTAHANKAN HAK-HAK KEISTIMEWAAN ORANG MELAYU (protecting malays’ special rights)

huh? ISA is an institution that defends the malay’s special rights? or it is, it is the rights of the malay to have ISA? whatever, means the same… that these clowns from MAGARAN thinks that ISA is specially for malays, that malays live for ISA (that’s what i gather anyway)… or worst… like berita hairan saying MACC is a malay institution, they think ISA is a malay institution, therefore they have to defend ISA. haven’t you notice that their group consists of ALL malaysa while GMI (and anti ISA group) consists of multi-racial.

this mohd khairul is really a clown. i near wanna puke when i read that he called for the 3 top PR leaders (namely anwar, lim kit siang, abdul hadi awang to be arrested under ISA. oh, and also GMI chairperson, syed ibrahim, a nice friendly man whom i had met before twice under his capacity as chairman of MAFREL (malaysian for free and fair election).

mohd khairul was heard to say:

The four, it added, should be detained in connection with Saturday’s rally in Kuala Lumpur, which saw tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets to voice their objection towards the ISA.


Magaran legal adviser Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz said the four should be arrested under the ISA for practicing ‘premeditated violence’ when organising the rally.

premeditated violence? look who’s talking! then what about your group who planned to organise the rally too? you guys chicken out at the last minute! can’t get the number eh… not even 1% to match the anti ISA group! or was it that all this was well planned – you guys pretend to say you want to organise a rally on the same day that GMI organised it, then last moment, pulled out?

Meanwhile, Khairul said GMI’s failure to adhere to police’s orders to cancel its street rally has led to the damage of public property and caused inconvenience to the people.

haha. why don’t you tell that to the police/FRU? it was they who caused the damage! by using tear gas and water canons! how on earth can a peaceful rally caused damage if they were left alone. anyway, wasn’t it that you and your group had planned for the street rally on that day too??

He added that Magaran is in the process of compiling evidence of the losses incurred by businessmen and the public.

This will be used as a basis to initiate legal action against GMI.

as i had blog yesterday, the losses incurred by the businessmen were caused by the police and not the protesters. what legal action? don’t make me laugh. you think this stupid idea of evidence collected can hold as a basis to initiate legal action? *sigh* there’s one born every minute. oops. i might talk too soon as looking at our kangaroo court, who knows, the kangaroo might, uh oh i mean the court might accept that as evidence!!

gee, why am i wasting my time on these people ah. better go and get my beauty sleep now. i don’t want to be stupid to give them publicity.

(see haris ibrahim’s post about this same moron.)

note: originally intend to publish a photo of the group taken from malaysiakini, which show some of them wearing black t-shirt that says ‘daulat tunku’ but had second thought. huh? again bringing in the king? if i am the tuanku, i would be embarrassed!!)

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