1malaysia shit!

1shitcontinue from my post yesterday, about the cow-head protesters.

my dear PM, are you going to do something with these idiots who were so clearly racist? you are not! then for sure 1malaysia is all shit!! where is the 1malaysia when some malays still think they are 1st class citizens while non malays are 2nd class citizens? it’s 2 malaysia! one for these bigoted racist idiots  malays (not all malays) and one for non malays!

you know what? these cow-head protesters were protesting in front of a police HQ yes, right in front of the police HQ with all the racist rant and yet the police didn’t do anything! so what else is new.

further reading the report from malaysian insider, you’ll notice that these idiots racists umnoputera invoke the may 13 ghost! again! that’s not all. they like to use the sultan as an excuse for their argument when they said that people who questioned malay supremacy is questioning the sultan since the sultan is head of islam. huh? er… have they forgotten not too long ago, the sultan of selangor, sultan sharafuddin idris shah had told the press that malaysia belongs to ALL races, not just the malays. he did not said malaysia belongs to the malays and the non malays are second class citizens.

seemed that these idiots racists cow-head no-brain umnoputera had lodge police report against DAP’s kulasegeran for him (kula) questioning malay supremacy in parliament, and ahmad, one of the idots, was encourging other malay groups to lodge the police report too. he was heard to say:

“We will find him, even if it means looking in wormholes, you can quote me.”

whoa! berlagak nampaknya!

i don’t think kula is going to get intimidated or scared. kula did nothing wrong. many other MPs (not umno) would have supported kula. why i myself had so many times question malay supremacy in my blog posts (and i said there is no such thing a ‘malay rights’ once… which actually comes from a malay professor himself). oohhh…. takut lor... will ahmad and his gang of racist goons come after me too? lodge a police report against me?

once again, these idiots racists had shamed the malay community as i know most malays are not like them. i remember during the cow-head protest in shah alam, many malays had spoken out how embarrased they felt at these idiots action of dragging the bloodied cow-head during the protest… and now they are at it again – insisting on malay supremacy, insisting on non malays as second class citizens – i’m sure they do not even represent 10% of malays in the country.

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