computer being attacked!

whoa!! what a shock i get when i switch on the church PC on saturday morning. a blue rectangle box with a star and an arrow key popped up saying ‘this computer is being attacked’ floating around. it floated up down, right left, up down, right left for a minute or so then stop for also a minute or so, then popped up again and this went on and on. see the screenshot here:


i had to work (mostly using word document) with the box floating around now and then. well i try to use bitdefender internet security to scan the PC, the ‘attack’ disappeared for an hour or so then came back..

actually before saturday (ie on thursday and friday), i had already run a virus scan and it had detected over 2000 threats! yes, 2000 – as in two thousand, not 200. after the scan the message did warned that 4 threats no action is possible and the PC is still not virus free. then saturday morning when i came in to use the PC, that ‘attack box’ appeared!
er… i was the guilty one who brought the virus to the PC. well, the viruses came from the church LCD PC to my pendrive. then i used my pendrive in my house PC and the church office PC, infecting the two PC. i had already mentioned before about my house PC being invaded by viruses, worms, trojan horses, what-have-you, so much so that it can’t be used at all. oh and my notebook too was infected! luckily after i installed the bitdefender i brought at the PC fair, it is now okay.

all my troubles started during holy week (our christian holy week which starts from palm sunday 5 april to easter). holy week this year had been more of a ‘hell week’ for me.

you see, on palm sunday i had a fall when i went to the sunshine square food court. luckily no major injuries but only bruises and blue black marks. then on holy thursday, i found out my helmet and raincoat were stolen. on good friday, the viruses from the church LCD computer invaded my pendrive, and in turn on friday itself, they invaded my house computer! then on holy saturday (easter vigil) when i used the pendrive on my church computer, the viruses decided to reside there!

yeah i know silly me. i shouldn’t have use the pendrive on my church computer knowing that the pendrive is infected. but problem is i thought my pendrive viruses already cleaned up after i did a scan with AVG. never mind, this had certainly taught me a lesson – to regularly update my anti-virus program. oh another lesson i learned is that whenever i want to use a file for another computer, esp. for LCD presentation, i’d better copy the file on the computer desktop, then quickly remove my pendrive, thus operating the file from the computer and not from my pendirve. the longer my pendirve is in the computer (operating files from it) the more chance for the viruses to find their way to the pendrive.

ok tonight my nephew is coming to install the new PC for me, so i hope then it’ll be back to normal blogging for me. i hope those damn ^#!(^)^! pesky viruses won’t come and visit me again. it had been a very frustrating, angry, ‘kek sim’, past few weeks for me.

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