here comes the election – so quick register!

yes! election is coming. see the above government letter (stolen from politics101 without permission) addressed to school heads? they were told to get ready their schools as polling centres.

seperti yang kita sedia maklum, pilihan raya umun ke 12 akan diadakan dalam masa yang terdekat ini.
(translated: as we had informed, the 12th general election will be held soon).

do you know that it was reported in the paper not too long ago, that 4.9 million eligible citizens have not registered as voters? 4.9 million, mind you. that’s a lot.

if you are among the 4.9 million, i urge you now to register yourself as quick as possible as it is your moral obligation to vote as a responsible citizen.

how to register? easy. just walk into any post office, or visit your state election office, address can be found at the election commission website.
why should you vote? so that you can kicked out BN! oops. shouldn’t have said that, because if i do, then the zam zam minister will surely classify me as a non professional blogger. well but now i am being a good responsible citizen to inform to one and all that it’s their duty to register as a voter, am i not a responsible blogger then?… and according to zam – a responsible blogger is a professional blogger!

remember not long ago a minister wanted to register bloggers? and now another wants to classify us. wonders never cease. what’s the point of classification when bloggers will still be maintaining their blog personally? whatever happened to the gomen’s idea of having a cyber police patrolling the internet to counter ‘lies’ posted by  ‘irresponsible, unprofessional’ bloggers?

ok back to the election. you need to register so that you can vote and you need to vote so that you can choose the government you want – simple as that.

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