featured in malay mail

whooooo!!! *jumping with joy* my post about the banning of the film ‘lelaki komunis terakhir’ (the last communist) under the heading ‘UMNO + berita hairan = the public?’ was featured in the new revamp malay mail!!

it was under the heading ‘community of bloggers wants to see communists‘ written by amir hafizi, who, by the way, has a blog of his own call ‘the malay male‘. he is such a witty interesting blogger. i think he once drop in my blog to drop a comment long ago. forgot which post.

well in this malay mail feature, there were other bloggers mentioned too e.g. sashi and ktemoc. this is my second time being featured in the paper. the first time i was featured in the singapore straits times, mentioning my posts on the tsunami relief efforts. it was just a short one line mention. nevertheless of course i feel happy and proud.

yes of course to a teeny no name non prominent blogger like me if i get featured in the paper or elsewhere like global voices online, i would be overjoyed. oh, speaking of global voices online, remember i mentioned my post on report card for the new bus system in penang was featured? well i see that my post on the da vinci code was also featured this time. actually i was looking forward to the post about the article 11 forum (i have many posts on it!) to be featured but was surprised it was the one on da vinci code instead.

thanks to amir (no, not amir the film-maker) of the malay male blog for mentioning my blog!

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