hurray! forum to be reconvened!

UPDATED: disturbing news! 

yippy! i will get to participate in the article 11 forum after all.

as you are aware, the forum which was supposed to be held on 14 may, was ordered (er… the police said ‘advised’) to stop after more than 200 protestors demonstrated outside, and some entered the forum hall. you can read me blogging about it here, here, here and here.

yes i had blog on it continously for 4 days as i was pretty mad at the forum being asked to stop by the police. now, i’m glad that the forum will be reconvened. kudos to the organisers for trying to reconvene it. yes, you should. i’m sure the many participants who turned out the last time, would love to attend it again… and perhaps even more might turned up due to the huge publicity it generated. i just hope that this time the police will do it’s duty, not give in to the protestors… if any. hopefully no of course. i wonder where will it be held this time. i’m sure it won’t be at hotel cititel anymore. maybe the manager of cititel got scared after the last incident, and wouldn’t want anymore ‘trouble’ to visit them. after all, theirs is a hotel and with more than 200 people shouting and chanting in front of their hotel, it will frightened their customers away, thus no business for them. i just hope the organisers can find a good suitable place.

ok looking forward to the forum. hope it will be held in the afternoon too and not night as i will have problem with transport if it is at night.

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