Global Voices…

this post was supposed to go out yesterday but as i stated in the earlier post, something went wrong with my blog. so here i am posting this now.


remember my post on the bus report card? well surprisingly, it was picked up by global voices online.


my post that was mentioned, i had circled it in red. funny thing is that i made the post on 27 april but here it was displayed as 26 april. hmm… maybe it is because of the world time difference.

i know there are many other malaysian bloggers who had been featured in global voices online before like the sensintrovert, anak merdeka, kenny sia and ktemoc, but this is my first time being featured there, hence i feel proud. i’m glad that it was this post about the new bus system. at least now, even people out of malaysia, knows that some of us in penang are doing something about the new bus system, instead of sitting at home grumbling or complaining in coffee shop.

i wonder who is it who scout malaysian blogs for feature in global voices online. i do know that there are a few malaysian writers (or members?) who are in global voices online e.g. jeff ooi and sk thew.

the other international site that featured my post before is asiapundit. i had a few posts featured there already. the last one was dated 12 feb. 2006 where i blog on how 300 people were out of job when the sarawak tribune was closed down.

though i have asiapundit as a link in my blog’s sidebar (see under ‘international weblogs’), i don’t visit asiapundit regularly. i will try to visit it more often from now on. oh, and must also remember to put global voices online’s link in to visit it regularly as i find it a most interesting site where i can get to read happennings globally via blogs.

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